NBA League Leader in This Category: Jordan Clarkson

Utah Jazz guard Jordan Clarkson is leading all NBA players in activity on NBA Threads, a community on Instagram for NBA fans, players, and media to interact.
‣ Other notable figures active on NBA Threads include NBA Insider Adrian Wojnarowski, entertainer Da Kid Gowie, the Phoenix Suns team, and media outlet Ballislife.
‣ Despite his high activity on social media, Clarkson’s on-court performance has been less impressive this season, with averages below last season’s in points per game and true shooting percentage.


Jordan Clarkson, a guard for the Utah Jazz, is making waves. But it’s not on the court. It’s not about how many buckets he’s getting. It’s something entirely different. He’s a leader in a category you won’t find on the usual box score.

Let’s talk about social media. A recent post from the Boardroom’s Instagram account revealed something interesting. It turns out, Clarkson is the most active NBA player on NBA Threads.

What’s NBA Threads, you ask? It’s a new feature launched by Instagram about five months ago. It’s essentially Instagram’s version of… well, Instagram. It’s a place for NBA fans, players, media, and anyone else who loves the game to interact and enjoy it together. It’s kinda like NBA Twitter, but more organized.

Clarkson’s activity on NBA Threads is surprising. He’s not that active on Twitter. In fact, he’s tweeted only once since the start of December. That’s nowhere near as active as Josh Hart.

Threads had a strong start, but it’s not looking like it’ll overthrow Twitter anytime soon.

The Boardroom post also mentioned other notable figures who are active on NBA Threads. Adrian Wojnarowski, the NBA Insider, is the most active media member. Da Kid Gowie, an entertainer, comedian, and musician, is the most active creator. The Phoenix Suns are the most active team, and Ballislife is the most active media outlet.

Unfortunately, Clarkson’s on-court stats aren’t as impressive as his social media activity. This season, he’s averaging 17.8 PPG, three points below last season’s average. His true shooting is at 51.6%, 4.2 percentage points below last season’s average. But hey, his assist numbers are up. He’s averaging 4.9 APG, up from 4.4 last year.

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