NBA Insider Confirms Zach LaVine’s Readiness to Leave Chicago

‣ There have been ongoing rumors about NBA player Zach LaVine being traded from the Chicago Bulls, with speculation intensifying as the February trade deadline approaches.
‣ Despite the rumors, LaVine has stated that he does not pay much attention to the speculation and continues to focus on his game.
‣ NBA insider Brian Windhorst has stated that there is a 0% chance of the Lakers trading for Zach LaVine, due to his contract and injury history.



Ever since the 2023/24 NBA season kicked off, there’s been chatter about Zach LaVine leaving Chicago. The rumor mill has been in overdrive, especially with the trade deadline looming.

LaVine, a two-time All-Star, has been linked to the Los Angeles Lakers and the New York Knicks. He finally decided to share his thoughts on the matter. In his own words, he doesn’t give much thought to the gossip.

“I don’t think about (trades) at all,” LaVine said recently. “Unless my agent rings me up, it’s just another day at the office. I’ve been in trade talks for ages. This year was bigger than years past, but it’s nothing new.”

LaVine’s been out for 16 games due to a foot injury. Since his return last week, Chicago has a 4-1 record. Even though the team is clearly thrilled to have him back, insider Brian Windhorst believes the team wants to trade him.

“If they could trade Zach LaVine in the next five minutes, they would,” the ESPN reporter said on NBA Today. “And Zach would happily head to the airport. I don’t think anything has changed there. They absolutely want to trade him.”

LaVine’s contract in Illinois is a hefty one. He signed a five-year, $215 million contract with the Bulls back in July 2022. That means he’s pulling in $40 million this season and is set to earn around $44 million in the upcoming seasons.

This season, the UCLA product has been averaging 20.1 points, 5.3 rebounds, 4.0 assists, 0.9 steals, and 0.3 blocks. He’s shooting 45.1% from field goal attempts, 34.4% from three-pointers, and 85.3% from the free-throws.

Now, an NBA insider claims there’s a 0% chance the Lakers will trade for him before the deadline. After being the subject of most trade rumors early this season, it now seems unlikely that LaVine will join the Lakers. Windhorst, who once believed LaVine was LA-bound, now thinks there’s no chance he’ll don the purple and gold.

“I think there is a zero percent chance of the Lakers trading for Zach LaVine. Zero. Zero,” he said on his podcast earlier this week.

Fellow insider Dan Woike explained that trading the Bulls star isn’t a straightforward process. His club would have to “add stuff” to make the deal interesting. He said that the trade market for LaVine is “rough.”

“Zach LaVine, long rumored to be on the trade market, isn’t usually a name that comes up when talking to people about the Lakers’ interest because of his contract and injury history,” he wrote. “The trade market for him around the league, sources say, is so rough that the thought is Chicago should have to add stuff in a LaVine trade to get off the contract.”

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