NBA Indefinitely Suspends Draymond Green for Punching Suns Center Jusuf Nurkic

‣ Draymond Green, a star player for the Golden State Warriors, has been suspended indefinitely by the NBA after punching Jusuf Nurkic during a game. This is the latest in a series of incidents involving Green, including a previous suspension for putting another player in a chokehold.
‣ Green will meet with his agent and the Warriors’ General Manager to discuss a counseling plan. The NBA stated that Green will need to meet certain conditions before he can return to play, taking into account his history of unsportsmanlike behavior.
‣ Players, analysts, and coaches around the league have expressed concern about Green’s behavior, with many suggesting that he needs professional help. Some believe he deserves a long-term suspension and should dedicate himself to therapy.


Draymond Green’s antics are back in the spotlight. The NBA has decided to take control of his behavior this time. Green punched Jusuf Nurkic during a game on Tuesday night, leading to his ejection. The league’s response? An indefinite suspension until they can figure out the best way to handle the situation.

ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowksi shared some insight. Green is due to meet with his agent Rich Paul and Warriors GM Mike Dunleavy Jr. They’ll be discussing a counseling plan. The suspension is a chance for Green to deal with his personal challenges.

Remember last month? Green was suspended for five games. He had put Timberwolves’ Rudy Gobert in a chokehold. This latest incident marks his 18th career ejection.

During a recent Phoenix’s 119-116 victory, an incident occurred with the team’s center. Green turned around and hit him with his hand. Green’s explanation? “He was pulling my hip, and I was swinging away to sell the call,” he said. He apologized to Jusuf, stating he didn’t intend to hit him.

Nurkic had his own thoughts on the matter. He believes Green needs help. “What’s going on with him, I don’t know,” he said. “Personally, I feel like that brother needs help. I’m glad he didn’t try to choke me. … That had nothing to do with basketball. I’m just out there trying to play basketball.”

After the game, head coach Steve Kerr chimed in. He emphasized Green’s importance to the Warriors. He’s been a part of four championship titles in the past decade. “We need him. We need Draymond,” Kerr said. “He knows that. We’ve talked to him. He’s got to find a way to keep his poise and be out there for his teammates.”

The NBA’s announcement was clear. Green needs to meet specific league and team conditions before he can return to play. His history of unsportsmanlike acts was taken into account when deciding his suspension.

The league’s players and analysts have had enough of these recurring situations. Most agree Green needs help. Suns coach Frank Vogel was one of the first to comment. He’s focused on protecting his players. “I’m sensitive to our guys getting hit on plays like that,” he said. “I didn’t like it. The refs did what they had to do. The league will do what they have to do.”

Kevin Durant also spoke up. He hopes Green can get the help he needs. Many believe he deserves a long-term suspension and should focus on therapy.

TV personality Emmanuel Acho didn’t hold back his thoughts on Green. “I for one am tired of the Draymond Green antics, I am tired of those that condone the Draymond Green antics. Shame on you, Draymond Green, and shame on you if you are condoning the antics,” Acho said. He believes it’s time for Green to get help and therapy.

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