NBA In-Season Tournament: Guide to Groups, Stages, Schedule, and Times

‣ The NBA in-season tournament introduces a new dynamic to the regular season schedule
‣ Teams are divided into groups within each conference and play group games in November
‣ The tournament features a knockout stage, with the top team from each group and two wild-card teams advancing
‣ The championship game is separate from the regular season and awards the NBA Cup trophy
‣ Players have the opportunity to earn prize money based on their team’s performance in the tournament


The NBA in-season tournament is bringing a new and exciting dynamic to the regular season. The tournament consists of three groups within each conference, with teams playing four group games. These games count towards regular-season records and statistics. The team with the best record in each group advances to the knockout stage, along with two wild-card teams.

The knockout stage features a four-game knockout round with single-elimination quarterfinals. The quarterfinals will be televised on TNT, with doubleheaders on December 4th and 5th. The semifinals and championship will be held at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas on December 7th and 9th, respectively. These games will be televised nationally. The championship game does not count toward the regular-season record and statistics.

Remaining games for teams that do not advance to the knockout round will be played on December 6th and 8th to fill out their 82-game schedule. Teams that lose in the quarterfinals of the knockout round will play one additional regular-season game on December 8th.

There are prizes and recognition for teams and players who advance in the tournament. A prize pool is allocated to teams advancing to the knockout round, with the champion earning the NBA Cup trophy. Players on quarterfinal teams receive $50,000, with those who make it to the semifinals earning $100,000. Players on the runner-up team receive $200,000, and players on the in-season tournament-winning team earn $500,000. There will also be an MVP of the in-season tournament and an All-Tournament Team based on players’ performances throughout the group and knockout rounds.

In addition to the exciting gameplay, the tournament also features special court designs for all 30 NBA teams. Each team will have a unique court design with a distinct color scheme, marking the first time in NBA history that an alternate court has been used for all teams. This adds an extra level of visual excitement to the tournament and gives fans a chance to see their favorite teams on a different court.

Overall, the NBA in-season tournament promises to bring intense competition, high stakes, and a fresh new look to the regular season. Fans can look forward to thrilling games, special court designs, and the crowning of the tournament champion on December 9th.

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