NBA Commissioner Adam Silver: US Players Must Improve Their Game

‣ NBA Commissioner Adam Silver highlighted the league’s international growth, noting that nearly 30% of the NBA’s rosters are now populated by international athletes.
‣ Silver acknowledged the increasing pressure on U.S. players as more foreign stars dominate the NBA, stating that U.S. players are recognizing they need to up their game due to the larger pool of competitors.
‣ The Commissioner also emphasized the importance of mental health in modern basketball, stating that while physical health is crucial, focusing on mental health is just as important. He expressed pride in the league’s efforts to destigmatize mental health issues and make people more comfortable discussing them.


Adam Silver, the NBA Commissioner, had some interesting insights to share at his press conference before the Paris Game 2024. The game was between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Brooklyn Nets at the Accor Arena in Paris. One of the key takeaways was about the international growth of the league.

While he had a lot of praise for French athletes, particularly Victor Wembanyama, he also touched upon the pressure U.S. players are feeling. This is due to the increasing dominance of foreign stars in the NBA. It’s an interesting dynamic, really.

He mentioned Alexandre Sarr, Zaccharie Risacher, and Tidjane Salaun as potential candidates for the 2024 mock draft. He also estimated that nearly 30% of the league’s rosters are now populated by international athletes. Quite a significant percentage, isn’t it?

In a tweet, Silver highlighted the ‘golden era of French basketball’ before the Paris Game. The past five MVP awards have been handed out to European stars, and Silver believes the pressure is on. He said, “U.S. players are recognizing they have to pick up their game. There’s just a larger pool of players competing for every spot on the floor, and just look at the level of competition we have right now.”

He gave credit to David Stern for starting this international movement. He said Stern would have been incredibly proud of the number of international athletes in the NBA. Stern’s vision has indeed come a long way.

Silver also spoke about the incredible progress European basketball has made over the past decades. He said, “On top of that, we now have the Paris Olympics only six months away. I said yesterday in an interview that this seems to be a golden era of French basketball.” He also mentioned how overseas contests have become more accepted and even celebrated by NBA teams.

He also touched on mental health, calling it one of the most important issues to address in modern basketball. He was asked about his conversation with Warriors star Draymond Green, who was convinced not to retire as a result of his last suspension. Silver expressed his happiness to see him return to the NBA courts.

As he approaches his 10th year leading the NBA, Silver emphasized the importance of mental health. He said, “NBA players are increasingly embracing the fact that, while you have to be in top-notch physical health to compete, that focusing on your mind is just as important.” He also mentioned the league’s impact in destigmatizing mental health issues. He said, “making people more comfortable talking about them, that’s something I’m particularly proud of.”

So, all in all, quite a lot to take in from Silver’s press conference. It’s clear that the NBA is evolving and growing in exciting ways, with a focus on international growth and mental health.

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