NBA Commissioner Adam Silver Convinced Draymond Green to Not Retire

Golden State Warriors‘ Draymond Green has returned to the team’s training sessions after missing out on the last 12 games due to a suspension.
‣ Green admitted that he considered retiring from professional basketball during his suspension, but a conversation with NBA Commissioner Adam Silver made him reconsider.
‣ Despite receiving criticism after his 18th-career suspension, Green’s team and coach have supported him, and are excited for his return, although it is not yet known when he will play again.


Chris Paul’s hand surgery news was a bummer, no doubt. But the Warriors organization threw their fans a bone. They announced Draymond Green’s return to training sessions. They’re hoping he can flip the script for the club.

Green had been MIA for the last 12 games, thanks to another suspension. The four-time champ admitted on his Monday podcast that he’d toyed with the idea of hanging up his sneakers for good.

He spilled the beans about a heart-to-heart with NBA Commissioner Adam Silver. Green confessed, “Adam, this is too much for me… It’s too much. It’s all becoming too much for me, and I’m going to retire.” Silver shot back, “You’re making a very rash decision and I’m not going to let you do that.”

The tweet from Bleacher Report made the rounds, quoting Green saying he’d considered retiring during his suspension.

Green reflected on the conversation with Silver. He appreciated having a commissioner who was more about helping than hurting, more about lifting up than tearing down. He said, “He is interested in the players.”

Green had been slapped with a ban after hitting Jusuf Nurkic on December 13. He served his time and then some. The league stated that Green had shown a willingness to play by the rules. He’d been under an advisor’s watch and had met with reps from the NBA, the Warriors, and the players’ association.

This past Sunday, Green was spotted back on the practice floor before the team’s loss to the Toronto Raptors. He was benched during the game, but his presence was felt.

Teammate Klay Thompson was thrilled to see him back. He said, “It was great, we missed him dearly and we’ll never be the same until he’s in the lineup. We are eager for his return on the court and he is obviously the backbone of this team and heart and soul, so I’m looking forward to just playing and be out there with Draymond again. He’ll be a difference maker.”

Head coach Steve Kerr is still in the dark about when Green will be back in action. But he’s stoked to have him back.

Green’s 18th-career suspension drew a lot of flak. But his team stood by him. Coach Kerr said he didn’t know when Green would be ready to play again, but he was sure about one thing: Green’s attitude was on point.

Kerr said, “He’s here, he looks good, he’s excited to be here. Good to have him back. We’ll just see. I have no idea when that will be.”

Golden State is banking on the 33-year-old to bring back that fire he’s shown throughout his 12-year career. Kerr revealed that the crowd at the Chase Center was mostly excited to see him back with his teammates.

Kerr said, “For sure, everybody’s excited to see him, it’s great to have him back. He’s one of our leaders and he’s happy to be back, so it’s a good vibe in there.”

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