NBA Commissioner Adam Silver Considers In-Season Tournament Format Changes

‣ The NBA’s In-Season Tournament was generally successful, but there are areas for improvement such as the point differential tiebreaker during group stage contests and the distinctive colored courts which were criticized by players and coaches.
‣ NBA Commissioner Adam Silver acknowledged that many players were requesting to raise the prize money, and he did not dismiss the idea, stating that money can be a motivator in certain cases.
‣ There has been interest in expanding the NBA to Las Vegas, but Silver clarified that there are no commitments to anyone at this point.


The In-Season Tournament has crowned its first-ever champion. The buzz has now settled, and it’s time to return to the regular season. We can now take a step back and evaluate the impact of this new addition to the NBA.

The competition was certainly successful in many respects. The Los Angeles Lakers emerged as the champions. However, this doesn’t mean the tournament was perfect. There are still many changes that need to be implemented.

Some people see this as the league’s attempt to create a European-style knock-out tournament. The goal? To give teams an extra incentive to perform. But let’s be real here, the cup had two primary objectives: business and fans.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver was present in Las Vegas for the tournament’s final four. The Indiana Pacers were the underdogs, but they lost to the Lakers in the championship game. Silver fielded numerous questions from the media and promised changes for future tournaments.

One major point of contention was the point differential tiebreaker during the group stage. Silver said, “I’m not ready necessarily to move away from it. But if it’s seen as poor sportsmanship, we might need to tweak it.”

The uniquely colored courts also drew criticism, particularly from players and coaches. Silver, however, confessed to liking the courts. He said, “I’m a big advocate of the colorful courts. We just need to ensure they’re not a distraction.”

Silver also addressed the fact that many players wanted to increase the prize money. Despite winning $500,000 each for the championship, they felt it wasn’t enough. “This is a business,” he said. “I don’t think there’s anything wrong with money being a motivator.”

Silver also touched on the possibility of expanding the NBA to Las Vegas. He clarified that there were “no commitments to anyone.” During his time in Las Vegas, he was asked about potential expansion into Nevada. He dismissed any secret discussions or commitments.

Gerry Cardinale, the founder of RedBird Capital Partners, hinted at the Las Vegas acquisition. He said, “We’re looking at bringing an NBA expansion team here in partnership with LeBron and Fenway Sports Group.” Cardinale hopes their proposal will be enough, despite the rising costs of an NBA team. “The price talk today on an NBA expansion team is $5.5bn to $6bn. I’m not sure I can make that work,” he revealed.

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