NBA Analyst Criticizes TNT for Excluding Nikola Jokic from Opening Night Poster

‣ Basketball analyst Kevin O’Connor criticizes TNT for not featuring Nikola Jokic on their opening night poster.
‣ TNT’s actions reinforce the narrative that media only showcase games with big names instead of the best teams.
‣ LeBron James reveals he isn’t obsessed with opening night’s revenge against Denver and is self-motivated.


The start of the new NBA season is just around the corner, and already there’s controversy swirling around the promotional content. Basketball analyst Kevin O’Connor took issue with TNT for excluding Nikola Jokic, the reigning champion, from their opening night poster. Despite the fact that the Nuggets are scheduled to open the season against the Lakers on October 24, Jokic was missing from the network’s graphic, which instead highlighted Celtics star Jayson Tatum, whose team isn’t even playing on Tuesday. O’Connor expressed his surprise on social media, highlighting the strange choice by TNT.

This incident adds fuel to the recurring narrative that the media tends to focus on big names rather than the best teams. This is a topic that was emphasized by the Denver squad last season. Coach Michael Malone recalled how the attention during the Western Conference Finals was all on LeBron James and the Lakers, completely ignoring the dominating performance of the Nuggets. Malone expressed frustration with this narrative and emphasized that Jokic’s historic performance and the team’s success were overshadowed.

LeBron James, however, revealed that he isn’t concerned with seeking revenge against Denver on opening night. The 38-year-old superstar stated that he no longer relies on external motivation and is self-driven. While he loves competing against the best, he doesn’t need an individual or team to motivate him. James believes in letting his actions on the court speak for themselves and will remain focused and hardworking throughout the season.

The press attempted to elicit some vengeful quotes from James ahead of the matchup, but he took the high road and remained quiet. He did promise that there will come a time when everyone will understand, suggesting that the Lakers are ready to make a statement. With the controversy surrounding promotional content and players’ motivations, the start of the new NBA season is already packed with intrigue and anticipation.

James Shotwell
James Shotwell
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