NBA All-Star Game to Return to Traditional East vs. West Format

‣ The NBA All-Star Game will return to the format of Eastern Conference vs. Western Conference, with four-quarter scoring.
‣ Teams will compete to win each quarter for a charitable organization of their choosing.
‣ NBA fans have reacted positively to the change in format, expressing the importance of keeping tradition in modern basketball.


The NBA All-Star Game is going back to its roots next year, as Commissioner Adam Silver confirmed that it will revert to the previous format of Eastern Conference vs. Western Conference, along with the four-quarter scoring system. This decision was made to uphold tradition and ensure that every game ends on a winning basket. The teams will also continue to compete to win each quarter for a charitable organization of their choice.

Silver stated, “This year we will be featuring, as we had historically, it will be East vs. West with the return to the four quarters format we are all used to… The theme this year is ‘back to basketball.'” This change harkens back to the classic format and emphasizes the importance of the game for the fans.

The All-Star rosters will still be selected through the voting process, with 12 players chosen from each conference. The highest voted players will become the team leaders. This decision was made in collaboration with the National Basketball Players Association to increase the competitiveness of the game.

Fans have reacted positively to the return of the traditional format, expressing their appreciation for keeping traditions alive in modern basketball. While some fans hope to see the NBA let them design the jerseys, others suggest that players should wear their team jerseys instead of the East or West uniforms.

Overall, the decision to return to the traditional format for the All-Star Game has been widely applauded by basketball fans. It brings back the essence of the game and maintains its integrity amidst the show business industry that surrounds modern basketball.

James Shotwell
James Shotwell
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