Monty Williams Detroit Pistons Head Coach: Contract, Salary, Net Worth, Coaching Record, Wife

– Monty Williams signed the largest coaching contract in NBA history with the Detroit Pistons, a six-year, 78.5-million dollar deal
– His estimated net worth is around 25 million dollars
– Williams has been a head coach for nine full seasons, with a win percentage of 51.7% in the regular season and 51.8% in the playoffs

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After guiding the downtrodden Phoenix Suns from the abyss back to basketball relevancy, Monty Williams was let go by the team after his second consecutive Western Conference Semifinals exit. However, his efforts in Phoenix didn’t go unnoticed, as the Detroit Pistons threw a bag at Williams in the hopes that he could revive their franchise the same way he did with the Suns.

Williams signed the largest coaching contract in NBA history, inking a six-year, 78.5-million dollar deal with the Pistons. According to Sportico, Williams’ annual rate (roughly 13.08 million per year) is second in the NBA, trailing behind only Gregg Popovich.

Williams has been working for NBA teams in various capacities since 2005 and with the massive deal he just signed with the Pistons, his net worth is estimated to be around 25 million dollars. Not too shabby for someone who never averaged more than nine points per game in an NBA season.

Williams has been a head coach for nine full seasons, with this 2023-24 campaign in Detroit marking his tenth year on the job. His record in regular season games is 369-345 and 29-27 in the playoffs. In 2016, Williams’ first wife, Ingrid Williams, was tragically killed in a car accident. He remarried in 2017 and has five children from his first marriage.

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