Miles Bridges Scores Career-High 45 Points in Hornets’ Ninth Consecutive Loss to Raptors

‣ Miles Bridges had an outstanding performance against the Raptors, scoring 45 points with high efficiency, marking back-to-back 40-point games and joining an elite group of Hornets players to achieve such a feat.

‣ Despite Bridges’ personal success and desire to stay with the team, the Hornets faced their ninth consecutive loss, highlighting the team’s struggles even in the face of individual achievements.

‣ The Raptors concluded their six-game road trip with a win against the Hornets, bringing their record to 2-4 for the trip, with players acknowledging the importance of focusing on the small details to improve their performance.


Miles Bridges? Oh, he was on fire this Wednesday. Seriously, the guy couldn’t miss if he tried. He blasted past his previous career-high, which, by the way, he set just earlier in the week against the Lakers. This time, facing the Raptors, he was like a machine – 17 of 27 from the field, 6 of 10 from downtown. Ended up with a whopping 45 points, plus 8 rebounds and 7 assists. Talk about a stat line.

Now, get this. At just 25, Bridges has etched his name into Hornets history. He’s only the fourth player from the team to score back-to-back 40-point games. The other legends? Terry Rozier, Kemba Walker, and Glen Rice. Rice did it twice, because of course, he did.

But, here’s the kicker. Despite Bridges’ heroics, Charlotte couldn’t snag the win against Toronto. That’s nine straight losses for them. Ouch. Post-game, everyone wanted a piece of Bridges. Rumor has it, several teams are eyeing him for a trade before the deadline.

Oh, and there was this tweet that caught everyone’s eye. It laid out Bridges’ insane stats over the last two games. “41 PTS | 4 AST | 5 3PM | 16-26 FGM. 45 PTS | 8 REB | 7 AST | 17-27 FGM.” People are asking, who wouldn’t want this guy on their team right now?

When reporters swarmed him, Bridges kept it cool. “I can just control what I can control,” he said. But deep down? He doesn’t want to go anywhere. “My answer doesn’t change. I would love to be here,” he confessed. He’s got roots with the Hornets, through thick and thin.

Coach Steve Clifford, though bummed about the loss, couldn’t stop praising Bridges. “This guy has played 38 or 39 minutes every night,” Clifford marveled. He’s out there giving it his all, not once asking for a breather. According to Clifford, players like Bridges are rare gems.

Meanwhile, rookie Brandon Miller didn’t just sit back and watch. He threw down 20 points himself. The Hornets were buzzing, leading 36-29 after the first quarter and holding a 97-91 edge going into the fourth.

But, the game wrapped up 123-117 in Toronto’s favor. Jakob Poetl turned the tide with two clutch plays in the dying minutes. Scottie Barnes, fresh off an All-Star nod, and Immanuel Quickley each dropped 18 points.

The Raptors? They’re wrapping up a six-game road trip with a 2-4 record, thanks to their win in Charlotte. RJ Barrett, dropping 23 points, reflected on the journey. It’s the little things, he said, that could’ve flipped those losses into wins. They’re learning, game by game.

Jakob Poetl, standing tall at seven-foot-one, was a force on both ends. He blocked Bridges, then slammed home a crucial miss. “Jakob was huge,” coach Darko Rajaković praised postgame. In those final moments, Poetl was everywhere, blocking, rebounding, you name it.

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