Michael Porter Jr. Sparks Controversy with WNBA & Ping Pong Comparison

– ‣ Michael Porter Jr. faced criticism for comparing WNBA players to professional ping pong players and suggesting that the WNBA lower the rims to increase popularity, sparking a debate on gender pay disparity in sports.
– ‣ Despite his controversial comments, Porter Jr. expressed support for women’s sports by wearing Breanna Stewart’s signature shoes during NBA matches, aiming to bring more awareness to the WNBA and acknowledge the talent of female athletes.
– ‣ The discussion highlighted the difference between equal pay and equal revenue share, with Porter Jr. and podcast host Ryan Clark suggesting that the focus should be on the percentage of revenue shared rather than direct salary comparisons between male and female athletes.


Michael Porter Jr., the Nuggets star, has found himself in a bit of a pickle this weekend. Why? Well, an interview popped up online where he made some… let’s say, interesting comparisons. He likened women’s basketball players to ping pong stars. Yeah, you heard that right. The Denver forward, bless his heart, didn’t mean any harm to WNBA players. He was just sharing his two cents on why there’s a pay gap between female and male athletes.

So, here’s the scoop. Last month, the 25-year-old was all over the headlines. He sported Breanna Stewart’s signature shoes during some NBA games. People were curious, and on The Pivot podcast, they asked him straight up if he was backing the women’s fight for equal pay. His response? He wore those sneakers to spotlight the WNBA and “give those women the flowers they deserve.” Sweet, right?

But then, things got a tad complicated. As he delved deeper into his thoughts, he mentioned that despite WNBA players being “very talented,” it doesn’t necessarily mean they should rake in the same dough as the NBA guys. Cue the controversy.

A tweet from Barstool Sports threw his words into the spotlight. It highlighted Porter Jr.’s comparison of WNBA players to professional ping pong players. Plus, he suggested lowering the rims to boost the sport’s popularity. Talk about stirring the pot.

Porter Jr. tried to see both sides of the coin. He acknowledged the talent and the desire of female players to earn more. But, he argued, being as talented as a top-notch ping pong player doesn’t guarantee equal pay. “It’s what the people want to watch,” he said, pointing out the difference in audience sizes between men’s and women’s basketball.

Yet, he did concede that women should be making more than they currently do. The TV deals aren’t the same, he noted. While advocating for women and the respect of their craft, he admitted, “you can’t pay them the same thing.” Still, he believed there should be a way to bump up their earnings, given their talent.

During the podcast, the idea of lowering the rims for the WNBA was floated by Porter Jr. This, he thought, might lead to more slam dunks and, perhaps, more fans. However, podcast host Ryan Clark was quick to differentiate between equal pay and equal “revenue share.”

Clark elaborated on the nuances of negotiations and labor unions. He suggested that it’s not about women wanting the same pay as men but rather a fair share of the revenue. Treatment within organizations also came under scrutiny.

Porter Jr. had previously stated his reason for wearing Breanna Stewart’s shoes. It was a nod of respect to female basketball players, including those in his family. He mentioned his mom, Lisa, who apparently was a high school basketball phenom, averaging 58.7 points per game.

Social media has been ablaze with reactions from WNBA players. Aces guard Kelsey Plum, for instance, has been vocal about wanting female players to receive “the same percentage of revenue shared.”

In the podcast, Porter Jr. insisted his choice of footwear was a sign of admiration for female athletes. He wanted to represent that respect, especially considering the athletic women in his family. “I’ve always respected women that play,” he concluded, hoping people would understand the context of his comments.

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