Michael Jordan’s son desires NBA legend as best man if he marries Larsa Pippen

‣ Marcus Jordan and Larsa Pippen announced their relationship at the start of the year, causing controversy due to the broken relationship between their fathers.
‣ There is talk of a potential wedding, with Marcus wanting his father to be involved, but their family is very private and may have two ceremonies.
‣ ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith disapproves of the relationship, stating that there are certain lines that should not be crossed when it comes to family dynamics and respect.



In a surprising turn of events, Marcus Jordan, son of basketball icon Michael Jordan, and Larsa Pippen, ex-wife of Scottie Pippen, have officially confirmed their romantic relationship. This news has stirred up controversy due to the broken relationship between the two Bulls legends. The rift between Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen began when Pippen spoke negatively about Jordan in “The Last Dance” documentary, which chronicled the final years of the Bulls dynasty. The bond between Marcus and Larsa only further deepens the divide between the former Chicago stars.

Rumors of a potential wedding between Marcus and Larsa have been circulating, and Marcus expressed his desire for his father to share the spotlight with him on his special day. He mentioned being the best man at Michael Jordan’s wedding and his brother’s wedding, indicating a desire to continue that tradition. However, Marcus also acknowledged that his family values privacy, suggesting that there may be both a large public gathering and a private ceremony.

Larsa Pippen has previously expressed her intentions to have a wedding in the future, emphasizing her appreciation for marriage and the ability to plan a future together with someone. Meanwhile, Marcus, a former college basketball athlete, is set to appear on the upcoming season of “The Real Housewives of Miami.”

Not everyone is supportive of this new relationship, including ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith. He voiced his disapproval, stating that there are certain lines that should not be crossed. Michael Jordan himself expressed his disapproval when asked about the relationship by the paparazzi. Smith believes that anyone aware of the history and context between the families would understand the need for basic respect and boundaries.

The dynamic between these two families, who were once considered perfect basketball partners, has certainly evolved. The controversy surrounding Marcus and Larsa’s relationship continues to spark discussion and highlight the complex nature of personal relationships in the world of sports.

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