Michael Jordan Memorabilia Could Fetch $80,000 at Auction

‣ Michael Jordan’s signed scorecard from a 1990 game, in which he scored 69 points, is up for auction and may sell for up to $80,000.
‣ This isn’t the first piece of Jordan memorabilia to be listed at a high price; a game-worn jersey from the 1998 NBA Finals sold for $10.1 million and a pair of game-worn, signed Air Jordan 13s sold for $2.2 million.
‣ Other valuable Jordan artifacts include his game-worn Nike Air Ships from 1984, a game-worn University of North Carolina jersey from 1982-83, and a game-worn pair of Air Jordan sneakers.


Ask anyone, and they’ll likely tell you that Michael Jordan is the best to have ever played basketball. It’s been a long 21 years since he last stepped on the court, and anything from his playing days is now a hot collector’s item. One such piece of memorabilia might even fetch a cool 80,000 bucks.

Let’s talk about The Sacred Box Score. March 28, 1990, was a day to remember. The Chicago Bulls were up against the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Bulls won the game 117-113, but not before Jordan scored a whopping 69 points in fifty minutes. The game even went into overtime! He also managed 18 rebounds, six assists, four steals, and a block.

But here’s the kicker. The scorecard from that game, signed by Jordan himself, survived. And now, it’s up for auction. A piece of history, a testament to a legendary performance, could be yours.

Sotheby’s, the folks auctioning off this scorecard, have put a price tag of $60,000 to $80,000 on it. The catalogue entry says it all: “What made this performance … breathtaking was the manner in which Jordan scored. It wasn’t just the sheer volume of points; it was the artistry, the finesse, and the versatility of ways Jordan put the ball in the basket. Fadeaway jumpers, acrobatic drives, mid-range daggers—the full repertoire of Jordan’s offensive arsenal was on display that night.”

But wait, there’s more. This isn’t the first time a piece of Jordan memorabilia has been listed for an eye-watering price. A game-worn jersey from the 1998 NBA Finals (you know, the “The Last Dance” jersey) sold for a staggering 10.1 million dollars. And from the same series, a pair of game-worn and signed Air Jordan 13s fetched 2.2 million dollars.

Other important basketball artifacts like Jordan’s game-worn Nike Air Ships from 1984, his game-worn “University of North Carolina jersey 1982-83” jersey, and his game-worn “Air Jordan” sneakers lot also sold for a pretty penny.

James Shotwell
James Shotwell
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