Mavs coach Jason Kidd jealous of LeBron James’ form

– LeBron James continues to excel in basketball at nearly 39 years old, impressing coaches and fans with his performance.
– Jason Kidd, a former athlete and coach, praised LeBron’s physical and mental conditioning, expressing a sense of jealousy for his ability to play at a high level at this stage of his career.
– Kidd uses LeBron as an example of how to take care of one’s body and maintain energy in order to preserve one’s basketball game as they age.


LeBron James continues to defy the limits of age with his outstanding performance on the basketball court. Despite nearing 40, he shows no sign of slowing down, leaving observers in awe of his talent. After the Lakers’ recent game against the Mavericks, Dallas coach Jason Kidd expressed his jealousy of LeBron’s late-career success, praising the 39-year-old’s incredible stats of 26 points, 9 rebounds, and 7 assists.

Kidd, who was part of the Lakers’ coaching staff in their 2020 NBA Finals run, has a unique perspective on LeBron’s abilities. Having played past his 40th birthday as an athlete himself, Kidd understands the challenges of remaining at the top of his game at an older age. He emphasizes the importance of taking care of both body and mind in order to sustain a high level of performance.

Despite the constant pressure and high expectations, LeBron has always risen to the occasion, consistently proving his doubters wrong. Kidd admires LeBron’s spirit and energy, as well as his commitment to continually adding new skills to his repertoire. The Mavs coach applauds LeBron for playing the game the right way and always striving to silence his critics with his stellar performances on the court.

Kidd also reflects on his own impressive career in the NBA and acknowledges LeBron’s remarkable basketball IQ and unwavering dedication. As someone who has faced off against a young James, Kidd speaks from experience when he praises LeBron’s ability to anticipate opponents’ moves and his remarkable work ethic in constantly evolving his game.

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