Mason Plumlee avoids worst with recent injury

– Mason Plumlee has a left knee MCL sprain and will be headed back to Los Angeles for further evaluation.
– The severity of the strain will determine how long Plumlee will be out, but it is better than him missing the rest of the season.
– The Clippers will be down their backup center for an indefinite period of time, leaving them in desperate need of size.


The latest news on Los Angeles Clippers big man Mason Plumlee is that he has a left knee MCL sprain and will be returning to Los Angeles for further evaluation. This injury could have been much worse, as knee injuries are always concerning and have the potential to end a player’s season. Plumlee’s injury occurred during a game against the New York Knicks, where he was involved in a collision with Julius Randle, resulting in a gruesome-looking incident where his knee bent in an abnormal way. Despite the severity of the injury, it is fortunate that it appears Plumlee has avoided a season-ending scenario.

According to Jeff Stotts, the recovery rates for MCL sprains depend on the severity of the strain. If the injury is a Grade 1 sprain, Plumlee could miss approximately 17 days, or 8.5 games. However, if it is a Grade 2 sprain, resulting in incomplete tears, he could be out for around 41 days, or 21 games. While this is good news overall, the Clippers will still be without their backup center for an uncertain period of time. This is particularly damaging for the team following the trade that saw them part ways with several taller players, leaving the roster lacking in size. The absence of Plumlee means that only a few players in the rotation meet the height criteria required for the team.

Without Plumlee, the Clippers are in dire need of some size, as they will have to rely on other players to step up and fill the void. Despite the setback, the team will have to make adjustments and find ways to compensate for the loss of Plumlee, as they continue to compete in the league.”

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