Luka Doncic Surpasses Wilt Chamberlain in 40+ Point Triple-Doubles Record

‣ Luka Doncic is having a stellar NBA season, recently surpassing Wilt Chamberlain in the all-time ranking for players with most triple-doubles with 40 points or more.
‣ Doncic has recorded his 10th-straight game scoring 30 points or more, setting a new career-high for such consecutive numbers, and averaging 35.6 points and 10.6 assists in these games.
‣ Despite aggressive double teams to contain him, Doncic believes the Mavericks now play better when rival teams try to double him down, as he and his teammates have learned to overplay rivals who strategize in this way.


The 2023/24 NBA season is unfolding, and teams are scrambling to curb Luka Doncic’s influence. They’re throwing more aggressive double teams at him, but they keep coming up short. The Mavericks are on a roll, winning five of their last six games, and they’re doing it without Kyrie Irving, who’s out with a right heel contusion.

Doncic is proving to be all the Mavericks need. He’s been putting up impressive numbers, recently notching another triple-double with 40 points, 12 assists, and 10 rebounds. After a 131 to 120 victory over the Trail Blazers, he even surpassed Wilt Chamberlain in the all-time ranking for players with the most 40-point triple-doubles.

When asked about his recent success, the 24-year-old was humble. “I always accept what defense gives me,” he said. “I just try to read the defense.”

Doncic has been on fire, recording his 10th-straight game with 30 or more points and setting a new career-high for such a streak. His average over these games? A whopping 35.6 points and 10.6 assists. But he’s quick to share the credit. “It’s everybody, man, not just me,” he said. “All of my team is helping me get to that.”

Dallas coach Jason Kidd has noticed how teams are wary of staying in a drop coverage when trying to limit Doncic in pick-and-roll. It’s because he’s just too good at getting to his spots. Doncic has shown time and again that he has a toolbox full of skills that put his opponents’ defense in a bind.

Doncic believes that the Mavericks are now playing better when rival teams try to double him. After six seasons in the NBA, he thinks his team has learned to outplay rivals who strategize to contain him, usually by doubling him down.

The Slovenian star recalled, “Not always because before, they didn’t double me as much as they do now. I think in my first season, I barely got doubled, but now I think I’ve been doubled a lot in the last two years. As much as I’m learning, my teammates are also learning how to play out of that.”

Doncic, who recently became a father, even finds the double teams restful. He encourages opponents to keep trying. “It’s amazing,” he expressed. “I can take some rest, too. So, it’s amazing. Like I said, it’s 4-on-3 basketball. The court is wide open, so we score a lot of points, and I think we could score more. We have many open shots, and when they double me, I like it.”

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