Luka Doncic Sets NBA Record with First-Half Triple-Double in Victory Against Jazz

‣ Luka Doncic achieved a first-half triple double in a game against Utah, marking his 60th career triple-double and surpassing Larry Bird to become the ninth place on the overall list.
‣ This game became Dallas’ highest-scoring game of the campaign, and the team’s 52-point lead at the end was only a point short from tying the franchise record set in 2014.
‣ The game resulted in the Utah Jazz suffering their second-worst loss in franchise history, with their heaviest defeat being a 56-point loss against the Milwaukee Bucks in 1979.


Luka Doncic has just pulled off a feat no other NBA player has ever managed. This Wednesday, he scored a first-half triple double in a 147-97 victory against Utah. It’s a new high for Luka, and we’re all wondering where he’s finding this inspiration. Is it his newborn child? His new headband look? Who knows, but we’re loving it!

In just the first three periods, Luka had already hit 40 points, 11 rebounds, and 10 assists. This makes it his 60th career triple-double. He’s now surpassed legend Larry Bird, taking the ninth place on the overall list.

“Pretty amazing,” he admitted post-game, his excitement reminiscent of a birthday boy. “I don’t know what to say, honestly. We all know who Larry Bird was, so it’s pretty special.” Luka’s 60 triple-doubles have come in 349 regular-season games, while Bird played 897.

After 32 minutes of play, the Mavericks star had sunk 14 of 25 from the floor and 6 of 12 from beyond the arc. His teammate Tim Hardaway Jr. was quick to recognize Luka’s greatness once the game was over.

“Luka set the tone with that, knocking down shot after shot after shot … after shot after shot after shot,” the 31-year-old said. “I thought he was going to go 50-20-20.”

With 1:30 left in the second quarter, Luka already had a 29-point, 9-rebound, and 9-assist stat line. He grabbed another rebound only seconds later after Keonte George missed a free throw. Not long after, he passed to rookie Dereck Lively II, who dunked it and sealed Luka’s historic triple-double.

After the game, Luka admitted he was aware of the numbers as the first half was coming to an end. “I was going for the (assist on the) last field goal, and the assist,” he revealed. This became Dallas’ highest-scoring game of the campaign and was only two points shy of the highest one ever in regulation time.

Luka also addressed his heated exchange with rival Kris Dunn. “I don’t know. I didn’t do nothing,” the guard said. “There was a little bit of pushing and that, but it wasn’t a technical foul because I didn’t do nothing. He puts a finger in my face, and I just laughed, so I don’t know how I got a tech, but those things just happen in the game. It’s just part of the game.”

Unfortunately for the Utah squad, this result marked their second-worst loss in franchise history. The only heavier defeat was a 56-point loss against the Milwaukee Bucks in March 1979. “That was an absolutely horrendous performance,” Jazz coach Will Hardy said in disappointment. “It seemed like the Mavericks were moving at a different pace than we were from start to finish.”

Coach Jason Kidd had nothing but praise for his Slovenian star. “I think Luka’s had a lot of fun this season on both sides of the ball,” he shared. “He’s competing at a high level. He’s having fun. You can see the energy was extremely high. When you look at the game before [versus] Oklahoma City, he played 46 minutes, and he was still ready to go. It just shows his conditioning and where his mind is right now — it’s to win. He’s doing everything to put the team in that position to win on a nightly basis.”

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