Luka Doncic Fouls Out First Time in Playoff Career Game 3 Loss

Things are looking bad for the Mavericks after losing their third straight game in the NBA Finals against the Celtics, this time at home.

Luka Doncic had a rough night, fouling out for the first time in his playoff career. He tried to set his feet as Jaylen Brown dribbled between his legs, leading to a collision that sent both players tumbling.

Doncic’s Disbelief

With just over four minutes left, Luka was called for his sixth foul and sat on the floor in shock. Despite coach Jason Kidd challenging the call, it stood.

“Yeah, we had a good chance. We were close. Just didn’t get it,” Luka said afterwards, clearly frustrated by how Boston turned things around in the final moments. “I wish I was out there.”

The Historical Context

This marks the 157th time a team has lost the first three games in a best-of-seven NBA series; none have ever come back to win. The only team to force a Game 7 after such a start was the Knicks back in 1951.

Even though Luka scored 27 points (only making one of seven from deep), he seemed visibly upset about fouling out for just the third time in six seasons and never having four fouls called on him in one quarter before.

“I mean, I don’t know. We couldn’t play physical. I don’t know,” he said with disbelief. “Six fouls in an NBA Finals game? C’mon man.”

Kidd’s Take on Controversial Call

After reviewing replay footage, Kidd noted that Luka’s sixth foul came just 26 seconds after his fifth and hinted that Brown might have hooked Doncic before falling down. “Looks can be deceiving,” he said.

Kidd felt compelled to challenge because keeping Doncic on court was crucial: “I had no choice but to challenge it,” Kidd explained. “It was close but got called as foul—we’ve got to move forward.”

Fans feel like this series is slipping away too quickly!

Game 4 is Dallas’ last shot at extending this series and sending it back to Boston Friday night.“It’s not over till it’s over,” assured Luka confidently.

“Like I always say, it’s first to four,” added Doncic while appreciating more offensive support from teammates during Game 3.“We’re going stay together—lose together or win together.”

James Shotwell
James Shotwell
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