Luka Doncic Excited About PJ Washington, Daniel Gafford Joining Dallas Mavericks

– ‣ The Dallas Mavericks were active in the transfer market, making strategic trades to bolster the team around stars Kyrie Irving and Luka Doncic, with Doncic expressing enthusiasm for the acquisitions, particularly PJ Washington.
– ‣ The Mavericks aimed to improve by getting bigger, adding depth to their front court, and increasing their scoring capability, as outlined by GM Nico Harrison, who highlighted the trades for Daniel Gafford and PJ Washington as steps towards achieving these goals.
– ‣ Dallas expects the new additions to thrive within the team’s system, with PJ Washington’s shooting expected to improve alongside playmakers like Doncic and Irving, and Daniel Gafford’s interior play and rim protection to add depth and efficiency to the center position.


The Mavericks? Oh, they were all hands on deck as the transfer market’s clock ticked down. They snagged players like Daniel Gafford and PJ Washington, making some bold moves ahead of the deadline. The Dallas squad was dead set on beefing up the roster around their stars, Kyrie Irving and Luka Doncic. And guess what? Luka was all in, buzzing with excitement over these new additions.

So, there’s this chat on ESPN, right? This Thursday, Adrian Wojnarowski spills the beans. He says Luka was super pumped about the trades. Apparently, the team had a pow-wow with the point guard before sealing any deals.

Wojnarowski dropped a juicy tidbit: “Luka Doncic was over the moon about getting P.J. Washington.” Seems like Luka’s enthusiasm was a big push to make the trade happen. He was eyeing Washington, thinking, “This guy? On my team? Let’s make a run for it.”

And then, there’s this tweet that caught everyone off guard. The Mavs were itching to part ways with Grant Williams. Why? Well, he wasn’t exactly Mr. Popular, rubbing folks the wrong way. Plus, he swapped his kicks from Luka’s to Tatum’s. Talk about a sneaker scandal.

In a whirlwind of trades, the Mavericks landed the Hornets’ player plus two second-round picks. They said goodbye to Grant Williams, Seth Curry, and a 2027 first-round pick. Gafford? Snatched up for a 2024 first-rounder from Oklahoma City, then flipped with Richaun Holmes to Washington for the big man.

GM Nico Harrison laid out the game plan. “We had three goals,” he said. They wanted to bulk up, boost their front court, and pack a punch in scoring. According to Harrison, mission accomplished.

Nico’s buzzing about PJ’s scoring chops. The guy’s been lighting up the scoreboard, averaging 13.6 points, grabbing 5.3 rebounds, and dishing out 2.2 assists over 44 games. “PJ can score,” Nico raved. “He’s versatile, can block shots, and play big. He’s our guy for the four and five.”

The Mavs’ mastermind, Nico, has high hopes for the new recruits. He’s convinced PJ’s shooting will only get sharper with playmakers like Doncic and Irving setting him up. PJ’s already a solid shooter, with a career 35.9% from beyond the arc.

Nico’s thinking big. “With top-notch guards, you get killer shots,” he explained. He’s picturing the new guys thriving, thanks to the space and opportunities created by playing alongside the league’s best guard. Yeah, he said it.

Gafford’s expected to bring his A-game too. The Mavericks are looking forward to his efficient play in the paint and his knack for rolling to the rim. Averaging 10.9 points, 8.0 rebounds, and 2.2 blocks, he’s set to beef up the center position.

Nico can’t help but dream big. “Imagine Gafford, Luka, and Kai tearing it up in the pick-and-roll,” he mused. The Dallas GM sees nothing but potential in these moves, setting the stage for an electrifying season.

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