Lonzo Ball Provides Recovery Update: Halfway Through Rehab Process

– The Bulls have given Lonzo Ball the spotlight during media day to show their commitment to his recovery.
– Lonzo is optimistic about his recovery and plans on playing again in the future.
– Lonzo is taking each week of his rehab process one day at a time and staying positive.
– Lonzo had a rare cartilage transplant surgery and will use this entire year to get as healthy as possible for the next season.
– Lonzo will be traveling back and forth between Chicago and LA for his rehab.
– Lonzo understands that other players have bounced back stronger from similar situations and believes everything happens for a reason.
– Teammate Zach LaVine emphasizes that Lonzo cannot be replaced and supports the Bulls’ decision to wait for his recovery.
– Lonzo acknowledges that his rehab has been long but is feeling better every day and has surpassed the toughest part of the recovery.



The Chicago Bulls made it clear that they are fully behind Lonzo Ball’s recovery during the upcoming season. During Media Day, the team gave Ball the spotlight, showing their commitment to his well-being. The 25-year-old expressed his optimism to the press, stating that he feels supported in Chicago.

Although Ball won’t be playing this season, he remains determined to make a comeback in the following campaign. After undergoing surgery in March, he believes that his recovery is going well with no setbacks. While he still has a long way to go, he remains positive and takes each week as a progress. Ball plans to stay focused and patient, knowing that he’ll eventually be back on the court.

The surgery Ball had was a significant one, requiring a rare cartilage transplant. He will have the entire year to focus on his recovery and get as healthy as possible for the next season. He will divide his time between Chicago and LA, where his rehab specialist is located. Although there isn’t a set timeline, Ball remains optimistic and trusts the process.

The Bulls have experienced similar injuries in the past, particularly with Derrick Rose. However, Ball chooses to trust fate and looks to other players who have successfully bounced back from similar situations. He believes that everything happens for a reason and tries to focus on how he can improve each day.

Ball’s teammate, Zach Lavine, understands why Chicago is willing to wait for him. Lavine acknowledges that players like Ball are irreplaceable and praises him for his determination to make a comeback. The team fully supports Ball’s recovery and knows that they will have to adjust in his absence.

Despite the long and challenging rehab process, Ball is feeling better every day. He has surpassed the toughest part of the recovery and knows that it will ultimately depend on how he feels before he can fully return. He remains focused on getting better and is eager to see what he can achieve once he’s back on the court.

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