Lil Wayne Claims He’s the LeBron James of Rap with 20 Years at the Top

‣ Despite being the oldest player in the NBA this season, LeBron James is still at the top of his game, according to rapper and basketball expert Lil Wayne.
‣ Lil Wayne compares himself to LeBron James, as they both started their careers as teenagers and have maintained their success into their late years.
‣ Lil Wayne believes that Ja Morant should become the face of the NBA once LeBron James retires, due to Morant’s strong performance and ability to make his team competitive.


LeBron James, even at nearly 39, is still in his prime. He’s the oldest NBA player this season, yet he’s still dominating in his 21st year. Lil Wayne, the rapper and basketball aficionado, recently compared himself to the Lakers star in an interview.

Lil Wayne’s comparison came during a chat with Taylor Rooks from Bleacher Report. When asked who he’d liken himself to in the “rap game,” the rapper picked LeBron. Rooks had suggested other players like Giannis Antetokounmpo, Kevin Durant, or Stephen Curry, but Wayne was set on LeBron.

Why LeBron? Wayne sees a parallel in their careers. Both started young and have remained at the top of their respective games.

“I’m like a LeBron,” Wayne declared. He released his first solo album at 14, which went platinum. Since then, he’s maintained a high pace in his career, much like LeBron.

The rapper also brought up Tom Brady. Despite Brady’s continued success, the press constantly speculated about his retirement. Wayne, however, doesn’t face the same pressure. His fans are more interested in when his next album will drop.

But even LeBron has his struggles. He recently admitted to dealing with early-season fatigue. “It’s a combination of everything,” he said. The emotional, physical, and grind-of-the-season fatigue, coupled with the frustration of not winning, all contribute.

Lil Wayne has thoughts on the NBA’s future too. He believes that Ja Morant should be the face of the NBA after LeBron retires. Despite a 25-game ban at the start of the season, Morant has come back stronger. “The obvious answer is Ja,” Wayne said.

The rapper also mentioned other players who could be contenders but haven’t led their teams to title contention. He mentioned watching Atlanta Hawks games for Dominique Wilkins and Portland games for Clyde Drexler. But he highlighted that Morant’s teams are competitive when he’s playing.

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