LeBron James Partners with Twitch & Kick for Live Stream Video Games

Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James is considering live streaming his Madden NFL video games on platforms such as Twitch, Kick, or YouTube.
‣ Various personalities, including the CEO of Twitch and streamers on Kick, have made their case for why their platform would be the best choice for LeBron James.
‣ Kick.com, a live video streaming platform founded in 2022, allows streamers to keep 95% of earnings from subscriptions, while Twitch creators get to keep 50% and YouTube Live creators can keep 70%.


LeBron James, the LA Lakers superstar, recently dropped a hint. He’s considering live streaming his Madden NFL video games. He’s got Twitch and Kick on his radar, but he’s also mulling over YouTube.

He took to X to share his thoughts. “Thinking of live streaming my @EAMaddenNFL games when I play. Who should I stream with? Meaning which platform brand?” he asked. Not surprisingly, responses poured in.

Trainwreck and Adin Ross were quick to respond. They made a strong case for Kick. “Stream with us @KickStreaming,” Trainwreck urged. Adin Ross was more persuasive, “Come to Kick. I’ll get you a bag, my glorious king,” he offered.

Twitch CEO Dan Clancy chimed in too. He acknowledged his bias, “I am a bit biased given that I run Twitch but Twitch is the best platform for engaging with your fans.” He even suggested LeBron could stream on both Twitch and YouTube.

Roshtein, another respondent, made a compelling argument for Kick. “Just the fact that no other streaming platform hasn’t replied to this but Kick, tells you a lot of how they operate. We would love to see you stream with us on Kick,” he said. He added a tantalizing prospect, “Imagine Drake and LeBron gambling, that would definitely break the internet.”

LeBron’s plan to live stream EA Madden video games is big news. He could use Twitch, Kick, or YouTube for his streams. Each platform has its own merits.

Twitch has a history. In 2013, it had 150,000 unique viewers, peaking at over 703,000 in August. Amazon acquired it in 2014 for $970 million. By 2021, it had over 2 million average concurrent viewers. In 2022, Twitch made an estimated $2.8 billion in revenue and had 22.4 billion hours of content consumed.

Kick.com, on the other hand, is a newbie. Founded in 2022, it’s backed by Stake.com co-founders Bijan Tehrani, Ed Craven, and streaming personality Trainwreckstv. Streamers keep 95% of earnings from subscriptions. Twitch creators get 50% and YouTube Live creators get 70%.

Kick seems to be more video-game streamer friendly. It encourages “creators to express themselves freely and produce outstanding content suitable for a thoughtful and mature audience.” Its community guidelines seem reasonable.

However, Twitch has its own strengths. It’s known for balancing user expression with community safety. It’s also good at keeping out trolls and protecting younger streamers. One of their goals is preventing a toxic chatroom.

For LeBron, who’s celebrating his 39th birthday today, maybe Kick and YouTube are better options. According to NBA betting sites, James holds the fourth-best odds to win NBA Clutch Player of the Year. However, Damian Lillard, Stephen Curry, and Tyrese Haliburton have better odds.

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