LeBron James on How Bronny is His Opposite

LeBron James thinks his son Bronny is very different from him.

In an interview with ESPN’s Dave McMenamin, LeBron shared that Bronny doesn’t care about what critics say. He said, “I don’t know if people really understand Bronny… He doesn’t give a f*ck. … He’s like the complete opposite of his dad… Bronny has all the choices in the world… the kid, he’s special.”

LeBron also mentioned how he used to care about people’s opinions when he was younger. “When I came in (as a rookie), I wanted people to like me,” he said. “But Bronny plays, works hard, and then goes home to play video games . He does not care about nobody.”

Bronny’s Journey and Challenges:

The Lakers picked Bronny as the 55th overall choice in the 2024 NBA Draft last June. Afterward, LeBron signed a new two-year contract worth $104 million with Los Angeles on July 3, moving closer to playing alongside his son.

Fans might wonder if this will help or hurt Bronny’s career.

Analysts and fans have scrutinized Bronny more than other rookies because of who his father is and how little he played in college. Last summer, he joined USC ranked 20th in ESPN’s rankings but suffered a cardiac arrest during practice in July.

He returned to playing later that year and got medical clearance by November but averaged only 4.8 points per game across 25 games with low shooting percentages.

“Just imagine if you were a kid born into fame and wealth,” LeBron pondered. “And still had the drive to achieve things on your own.”

What do you think about LeBron’s comments?

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