LeBron James Not Involved in Lakers Hiring JJ Redick

Sources from all over the internet revealed that the Lakers signed JJ Redick to a four-year deal last Thursday, marking his first coaching role in the NBA.

LeBron James’ Involvement

Many reports state that LeBron James had no involvement in hiring JJ Redick. He did not discuss this decision with Jeanie Buss, Rob Pelinka, or Kurt Rambis.

“There was no conversation between LeBron James and Jeanie Buss or Rob Pelinka or Kurt Rambis or anybody else when it comes to the Lakers’ decision-makers about JJ Redick as a candidate, about Dan Hurley as a candidate, about anybody else as a candidate,” said Dave McMenamin on ESPN’s SportsCenter.

New Podcast Announcement

BREAKING: LeBron James and JJ Redick are coming out with their own podcast “Mind The Game” and it drops tomorrow.

LeBron’s Stance on Hiring

McMenamin mentioned that LeBron purposely kept himself out of the hiring process. Through his representatives, he told the Lakers to make decisions they felt were best for the team now and in the future because whoever they hire will likely stay beyond his playing days.

Despite not being involved directly, McMenamin suggested that by agreeing to do a podcast with Redick, LeBron indirectly endorsed him.

Fans think it’s great that LeBron is focusing on playing rather than management decisions.

Locker Room Reaction

The Lakers locker room seems positive about JJ’s hiring. Austin Reaves praised him as a "basketball genius." Reaves shared his excitement about working with Redick after appearing on his podcast earlier this year.

“I’ve gotten to know JJ a little bit,” Reaves told Cierra Clark of Arkansas’ THV11. “He’s a basketball genius… I can’t wait to get to work with him.”

Reaves confirmed receiving a text from Redick asking for their first official meeting soon.

Redick’s First Steps

Reaves revealed he got a message from Redick asking for an initial call over the weekend. This confirms JJ’s new role despite UConn head coach Dan Hurley rejecting an offer from the Lakers earlier.


Though not their first choice, insiders like Shams Charania reported support from Anthony Davis and other key players for hiring Redick. After joining his podcast recently, Reaves seems supportive too.

“You got some s–t to you… you’re naturally an assh–e,” said Redick back in December about Austin’s style of play. Agreeing with this high praise, Reaves showed enthusiasm for their upcoming collaboration.

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