LeBron James No Longer Focused on Opening Night’s Revenge against Denver Nuggets, Unveils Self-Motivation

– LeBron James is not motivated by revenge against the Denver Nuggets for their playoff loss.
– LeBron James is self-motivated and doesn’t need external factors to push him.
– LeBron James believes the Lakers are stronger now than they were in the playoffs.
– LeBron James has recovered from his foot injury and is in better shape for the new season.


The Lakers are gearing up for their opening night matchup against the Denver Nuggets, the team that eliminated them from last season’s playoffs. Despite the bitter defeat, LeBron James insists that he isn’t motivated by revenge. When asked about the reigning champions, he stated, “I don’t get motivated against [who] the opponents [are] pretty much anymore…I’m self-motivated. I’m enough.”

LeBron, who is entering his 21st NBA season as the oldest player in the league, faced retirement rumors after the Lakers’ elimination. Denver coach Michael Malone even poked fun at LeBron by jokingly announcing his own retirement. However, LeBron remained unfazed by the comments and expressed his desire to stay focused and work hard on the court.

Looking ahead to the upcoming season, LeBron believes that the Lakers have become a stronger team since their playoff exit. With Taurean Prince joining the starting lineup, LeBron feels confident in their abilities and stated, “We could be a really, really good team…I don’t take it for granted.”

In terms of his personal health, LeBron has recovered from his foot injury and has been able to fully participate in his summer workouts. He noted that his rehabilitation allowed him to regain his strength, agility, and quickness, saying, “My workouts started getting better, my wind started getting better, my quick-twitch started getting better. I didn’t have to think about it as much.”

As the Lakers prepare to face the Nuggets once again, LeBron remains focused on the bigger picture rather than seeking revenge. With a renewed confidence in his team’s abilities and his own physical recovery, LeBron is ready to give his all on opening night and beyond.

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