LeBron James Endures Worst 44-Point Loss in 21-Year NBA Career

Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James experienced his worst loss by point margin in his 21-year NBA career with a 44-point defeat to the Philadelphia 76ers.
‣ Despite the loss, LeBron James still holds top-10 odds to win NBA Clutch Player of the Year according to several NBA sportsbooks.
‣ The defeat was the Lakers’ worst loss to the Sixers in 290 games in the series and marked Philadelphia’s seventh straight win over L.A.


LeBron James, the shining star of the Los Angeles Lakers, had a rough night on Monday. He managed to record 18 points and five assists in the game against the Philadelphia 76ers, but it wasn’t enough. The Lakers suffered a devastating 138-94 loss. This 44-point defeat was the worst by point margin in LeBron’s 21-year NBA career.

Remember when James was 38 and the Miami Heat got trounced by 36 points in Game 3 of the 2013 NBA Finals? It was against the San Antonio Spurs. Then, there was that time in 2019 when the Indiana Pacers beat the Lakers by 42 points. Yeah, LeBron was the four-time MVP then.

According to various NBA betting sites, the Lakers are not the favorites this season. They hold the seventh-shortest odds to win the championship. The Denver Nuggets, Phoenix Suns, and Golden State Warriors? They’ve got better odds, according to the sportsbooks.

LeBron’s take on the loss was simple. “We got killed on the 3-point line today,” he said. It was a tough game for the Lakers, no doubt about it.

The loss to the Sixers was the Lakers’ worst in their 290-game series. It was also the Sixers’ seventh straight win over L.A. And for the first time this season, James didn’t get a single rebound.

When asked what needs to change to avoid such a loss again, LeBron’s response was, “A lot.” The 76ers hit 22 3-pointers compared to the Lakers’ seven. The Sixers ended the first half with 13 3-pointers, a season high for a half, on 26 shots. They shot 47-of-93 (50.5%) from the floor in their blowout win.

Despite the loss, LeBron James still has top-10 odds to win NBA Clutch Player of the Year. But the Lakers struggled with their 3-point attempts in the half, missing seven out of 10. Overall, they shot 7-of-28 (25%) beyond the arc and finished 39-of-83 (47%) shooting from the field.

Joel Embiid, the star of the 76ers, sat out the entire fourth quarter. But that didn’t stop Philadelphia from outscoring the Lakers 40-14. Embiid recorded his sixth career triple-double, with 30 points, 11 rebounds, and 11 assists.

Embiid has a soft spot for the Lakers. “That’s my favorite team,” he said, reminiscing about his days as a Kobe Bryant fan. “Any time I play against them, you want to get the win. But I do it every night anyways against every other team.”

Despite outscoring Philly 58-38 in the paint, the Lakers trailed by as many as 46 points. Lakers coach Darvin Ham emphasized the need for a high competitive spirit. “It almost has to be bulletproof to a certain degree. You have to meet force with force. They outhustled us,” he said.

LeBron James has the ninth-best odds to win NBA Clutch Player of the Year this season, according to a few NBA sportsbooks. However, oddsmakers are showing better odds for Damian Lillard, Luka Doncic, Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry, and other stars.

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