Leaked Audio Allegedly Reveals Rockets Coach Ime Udoka Insulting LeBron James

‣ A heated exchange occurred between Rockets coach Ime Udoka and Lakers player LeBron James during a recent game, resulting in Udoka’s ejection from the game.
‣ A leaked audio of the incident reveals Udoka using derogatory language towards the Lakers, to which LeBron James responded negatively.
‣ Houston’s Dillon Brooks blamed the NBA officials for not controlling the situation, expressing disappointment in their handling of the game.


Everyone’s buzzing about the on-court clash between Ime Udoka and LeBron James last Saturday. It happened in the Lakers’ 107-97 win over Houston. But do you know what was actually said during that heated exchange?

A new video has gone viral. It shows apparent lip-reading and audio of their conversation. The video claims that the Rockets coach first called the Lakers “b*tches.” LeBron, the all-time NBA scoring leader, wasn’t having any of it.

The four-time champion reacted. He confronted the opponent’s trainer. Referee J.T. Orr saw it all from up close. Orr ended up handing out two technical fouls with 8:35 left for the final buzzer. At that time, the scoreboard read 93-77.

The audio of the exchange leaked. It’s said that Udoka shouted, “Stop crying like b*tches, man.” This was at Los Angeles’ Crypto.Com Arena. This led to Udoka’s ejection from the game. He had already received a technical foul earlier in the match.

The video’s authenticity is yet to be confirmed. But it sure seems like it’s a real depiction of what happened. LeBron’s response to Udoka was, “We’re all grown men, that b–ch word ain’t cool.” To this, Udoka retorted, “Soft ass boy, stop b–ching. Acting like you’re gonna do something.”

The press swarmed both of them after the game. They were trying to figure out what really happened that led to the coach’s ejection. Udoka shared, “We had some conversation and [they] didn’t like what they heard.”

LeBron lightened the mood. He claimed they were both just talking about the recent holidays. “Thanksgiving … how much we enjoyed Thanksgiving,” the 38-year-old joked when asked about the exchange.

LeBron ended the game with only 16 points. But he added 7 assists and 4 rebounds to contribute to the Lakers 12-9 mark on the campaign. He is listed as questionable for this Tuesday’s game. The Lakers will host the Phoenix Suns for the In-Season Tournament’s quarterfinals.

Dillon Brooks blamed the referees for not stopping the exchange between LeBron and Udoka. He believes they let it happen right in front of their eyes. Both James and Udoka decided to keep the specifics of what happened to themselves after the game.

The referee crew was made up of Tre Maddox, Dedric Taylor, and J.T. Orr. Orr was the closest to the exchange and the one who handed out the double technicals. The Rockets forward believes Orr practically let it happen.

Brooks expressed, “I tried to push LeBron out [of] the way from it, but the refs just let it get out of hand.” He added, “A terrible group out there that was reffing, and they lost control of the game. It’s very inconsistent. That’s what you get from inconsistent refs, a whole bunch of nonsense.”

Brooks showed some appreciation for his coach. He believes Udoka tried to defend his players by not caving into the Lakers’ game. Brooks explained why what happened doesn’t surprise him. He said, “He wasn’t backing down to anybody. He played the game before. We’re still finding our identity as a team and with our coach standing up for us, it’s a big thing.”

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