Lakers to Accelerate Coaching Search Post-NBA Season

JJ Redick spent Saturday with the Los Angeles Lakers, sparking rumors about him becoming their next head coach. He was working as an analyst for the NBA Finals, but now he’s free.

During “The Pat McAfee Show,” Shams Charania mentioned that the Lakers might speed up their coaching search since the offseason has begun.

Charania said, ā€œJJ Redick went in to L.A. on Saturday and had in-person meetings, multiple hours, with the Lakers brass, with Rob Pelinka, the general manager, vice president of basketball operations, ownership as well… I think what the Lakers are doing now…is taking the next few days after the NBA Finals now that JJ Redick is done with this Finals duties and now finally get to making a decision and getting to it as far as head coach.ā€

Redick’s Potential Role:

Redick’s name has been buzzing around ever since Darvin Ham was let go after their playoff exit. Known for his sharp basketball mind and good relationship with LeBron James, he seems like a good fit.

However, some concerns exist. He has no coaching experience which makes him a bit of a gamble. Can he handle all that pressure?

The market for coaches isn’t great right now. This might make Redick more appealing since he doesn’t come with any past baggage from other teams.

Fans might think hiring someone new could bring fresh ideas.

With the NBA Draft coming soon, Rob Pelinka will likely act fast to lock in a new coach. All signs are pointing towards Redick at this moment.

But remember how quickly things can change in sports! What do you think about all this?

James Shotwell
James Shotwell
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