Lakers Show Greater Interest in DeMar DeRozan Over Zach LaVine

‣ The Los Angeles Lakers are reportedly more interested in acquiring DeMar DeRozan and Alex Caruso than Zach LaVine to build a better roster around LeBron James and Anthony Davis.
‣ DeMar DeRozan, a Los Angeles native, is seen as a better fit for the Lakers and it is believed that convincing him to sign an extension would not be difficult.
‣ Alex Caruso, who is familiar with LeBron James and Anthony Davis, is considered a valuable addition due to his defensive skills and ability to play without needing the ball in his hand.


The LA Lakers are always on the hunt for a big splash. They’re looking to build a better roster around LeBron James and Anthony Davis. Currently, they’re sitting in the seventh spot of the competitive Western Conference. Their win-loss record? 11-8.

There was a lot of chatter about them targeting Zach LaVine, the disgruntled Chicago Bulls star. But, plot twist! Reports suggest the Lakers are more interested in Chicago’s other All-Star, DeMar DeRozan. Plus, they’re eyeing a possible reunion with Alex Caruso.

The offseason additions were supposed to take the Lakers to the next level. But, it’s been a slow burn. The team knows they need to seize LeBron James’ window while it’s still open. They believe DeRozan would be a better fit alongside the King than LaVine. That’s if a trade were to happen, of course.

A lot depends on what the Chicago Bulls would want in a potential trade package. But, the Bulls are ready for a full rebuilding phase. Whether it’s the Lakers or another team, they need to weigh any offer they receive.

Now, about DeMar DeRozan’s potential impact for Los Angeles. The fit is a bit questionable, but the risk is lower than if the Lakers were to trade for Zach LaVine. DeRozan is a Los Angeles native on an expiring contract. So, convincing the former Raptor and Spurs All-Star to sign an extension isn’t out of the question.

James is still versatile enough to play other positions, which would allow DeRozan to play his true position at the wing. So, when you really break it down, it makes sense why the Lakers value DeRozan over LaVine.

And then there’s Alex Caruso. He could be just what the doctor ordered for the Lakers. He’s familiar with LeBron James and Anthony Davis and is a top-notch perimeter defender in the NBA. Caruso is a true role player who would fit perfectly with the Lakers. He could play with almost any rotation on the floor.

Unlike LaVine and DeRozan, Caruso doesn’t need the ball in his hand to be effective. He wouldn’t make the Lakers immediate championship contenders, but he would definitely bolster their depth. He’d add another solid defensive piece to their rotation.

Right now, Caruso is a guard who addresses more issues facing the Lakers than Zach LaVine would. Plus, LaVine is on a hefty contract. So, it makes sense why the Lakers are more inclined to target DeMar DeRozan and Alex Caruso before they try to deal for Zach LaVine. Only time will tell if they can land either one of these stars.

James Shotwell
James Shotwell
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