Lakers See Bronny James as Elite Two-Way Player

The Lakers picked Bronny James in the NBA draft, and some people think it’s just because he’s LeBron’s son.

Rob Pelinka says Bronny earned his spot on the team by himself. In a chat with Spectrum SportsNet, Pelinka praised Bronny’s character and skills, saying he has what it takes to be a top guard. He also mentioned that new coach JJ Redick is eager to help Bronny grow into their vision of an elite player.

“JJ Redick and his staff are already putting a plan around Bronny and how they want to develop him into an elite two-way player,” Pelinka said. “He’s 19 years old, so everyone has to be patient, but the foundations are there for him to be an important player for years to come.”

Pelinka repeated these thoughts after the draft, highlighting Bronny’s potential as a strong defender who can shoot threes—something every NBA team loves. Bronny also sees himself this way. After the NBA Draft Combine in May, he said he wants to play like defensive stars Davion Mitchell, Jrue Holiday, and Derrick White.

High Hopes from Big Names:

NBA stars like Paul George and Draymond Green have high hopes for Bronny too. George even called him “the steal of the 2024 draft” because of his defense skills.

Fans might think it’s exciting but also wonder if he’ll live up to the hype.

This summer, fans will see Bronny in Lakers gear at the NBA Summer League. Insiders say he’ll probably start with the Lakers’ South Bay G-League team for now. The Lakers aren’t rushing him onto their main roster yet.

What do you think about this? Do you believe in Bronny’s potential?

James Shotwell
James Shotwell
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