Lakers Pursue DeMar DeRozan After Missing Klay Thompson Trade

Now that the Lakers have missed out on trading for Klay Thompson and Buddy Hield, they are turning their attention to veteran DeMar DeRozan, who is leaving Chicago this summer.

Playing in Los Angeles isn’t as attractive to NBA stars aiming for a title anymore, but the Lakers still need to improve their lineup if they want to reach their former glory.

Targeting a New Scorer

Reports suggest the Lakers are searching for a shooter or scorer to support LeBron James, Austin Reaves, and Anthony Davis. DeRozan seems like the free agent they need right now.

DeRozan, originally from Los Angeles and a USC alum, averaged 24 points per game last season in Chicago. His scoring ability makes him appealing not just to the Lakers but other teams too.

Lakers’ Aggressive Roster Moves

Rob Pelinka stated that the team will keep pushing for roster improvements despite recent setbacks. “I think we’re gonna always be aggressive,” he told The Athletic. He added that discussions would continue during GM meetings in Vegas.

Fans believe this determination might pay off soon!

Other Teams Interested

The Heat, Kings, and Bucks are also eyeing DeRozan. However, complicated factors make these options less likely unless certain conditions align perfectly.

According to Miami Herald reports, DeRozan has already talked with the Heat about joining them next season. But there are hurdles; Miami needs to trade a high-salary player first. Popular rapper Ma$e thinks Miami isn’t a good fit anyway.

“I think it’ll just be another three though,” Ma$e said on his podcast It Is What It Is. “They already got enough threes… They need fours.”

He suggested Milwaukee or Denver as better fits: “If DeMar can get to Milwaukee or Bruce Brown back to Denver—that’s ideal.”

James Shotwell
James Shotwell
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