Lakers Name JJ Redick as New Head Coach

JJ Redick is now the head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers.

He was considered a top candidate since Darvin Ham left on May 3. Rob Pelinka and the Lakers front office took their time to decide on Ham’s replacement.

Pelinka believes Redick’s strong connection with players and high basketball IQ will help him in his new role.

Redick’s Journey to Becoming Head Coach:

The Lakers had a tough time after failing to get UConn’s Dan Hurley, but they kept looking for the right person. Redick spent Saturday with the Lakers’ leaders, making a great impression.

Hiring Redick is a bold move because he has no professional coaching experience. However, he’s respected for his deep understanding of basketball and has a good relationship with LeBron James, which should help him connect with other players.

Fans might think this is an interesting choice by the Lakers.

Pelinka knows Redick needs time to grow into his new job. It’s unrealistic to expect immediate success, especially under LA’s bright lights. But Redick accepted this challenge willingly.

At least now, the Lakers can stop searching for a coach and start preparing for next season. Redick will soon build his coaching team and identify areas needing improvement. He’s likely already talked with James about team upgrades.

Redick is taking a chance on himself, and so are the Lakers. After weeks of speculation, it’s finally official. Now we’ll see if Redick excels as a coach or if he was better suited for media work.

What do you think about this decision?

James Shotwell
James Shotwell
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