Lakers LeBron James credits practice & good health for historic milestone

LeBron James reached 39,000 career points, becoming the only player in NBA history to do so.

If he continues at his elite level, he could reach 40,000 career points this season.

Kevin Durant also made NBA history by moving into the 11th spot on the all-time scoring list.


LeBron James continues to make NBA history as he surpassed Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s scoring record earlier this year and has now become the only player in league history to reach 39,000 career points. During a recent game against the Utah Jazz, James reached this new milestone after dropping a three-pointer in the first quarter. With 17 points in 24 minutes, the Lakers forward contributed to his team’s unbeaten run in the NBA In-Season Tournament.

According to James, “There’s been so many great players that came across this league since the beginning of time, and so many great scorers. To be able to accomplish something that’s the first of anything, I think that’s always pretty cool. It’s a wild moment, that’s for sure.” If James continues to perform at an elite level and stay healthy during this season, he should be able to reach the 40,000-point mark.

The veteran credited never missing practice and maintaining good health as the key reasons for his long and successful NBA career. Additionally, he stated that taking care of his physique and good health have been key to his successful longevity in the league.

As James continues to make history, his good friend Kevin Durant also had an emotional Tuesday night, bumping NBA legend Elvin Hayes out of the 11th spot on the all-time scoring list while playing against the Portland Trail Blazers. Durant expressed his pride in making NBA history by stating, “To be amongst the greatest of the game is pretty cool… just got to keep going.”

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