Lakers GM Rob Pelinka Explains Lack of Trade Deadline Moves: No Right Deal

  • ‣ The Lakers’ vice president of basketball operations, Rob Pelinka, explained the team’s inactivity during the trade deadline by stating that the right opportunities weren’t available, emphasizing the market’s limitations with the analogy, “You can’t buy a house that’s not for sale.”
  • ‣ Pelinka highlighted the team’s strategy for future improvements, mentioning that while they had limited assets at the current trade deadline, they anticipate having three first-round draft picks by the summer, which could significantly enhance their ability to make impactful trades.
  • ‣ The Lakers are actively looking to strengthen their roster through the buyout market, with NBA insider Adrian Wojnarowski naming them as front-runners to sign guard Spencer Dinwiddie after he clears waivers. This approach is part of their strategy to upgrade the team in light of their inability to secure trades before the deadline.


By the time the transfer market slammed shut, the buzz was all about the Lakers. They seemed more jazzed up about unveiling Kobe Bryant’s new statue than making any last-minute trades. Rob Pelinka, the guy steering the ship as vice president of basketball operations and general manager, laid it out plain and simple.

“You can’t buy a house that’s not for sale,” he quipped, right before the Lakers took a hit from the Nuggets, losing by 10 points. Pelinka’s been on the hunt, looking for ways to beef up the team. Yet, the right deal? Nowhere in sight.

It’s like, they weren’t about to swap players willy-nilly. If the fit wasn’t there, they’d rather not mess with the chemistry they’ve got. But let’s be real, the rumor mill never stops churning in Tinseltown. Dejounte Murray’s name was floating around like a hot air balloon.

Rob Pelinka spills the beans on why no dice at the NBA Trade Deadline. It’s all over Twitter, folks.

When it came down to brass tacks at the trade deadline, the Lakers had one first-round draft pick to play with. That’s it. But come June, they’re looking at having three. That’s when Pelinka thinks they can really swing for the fences.

Right now, the Lakers have room for just one more player. And they’ve got their eyes on the buyout market. Pelinka’s optimistic. With the new rules, they’re in a good spot to snag someone top-notch. Not every team’s that lucky.

Word on the street, courtesy of NBA insider Adrian Wojnarowski, is that Spencer Dinwiddie might be wearing purple and gold soon. After a brief stint with the Raptors, it looks like he’s up for grabs.

Pelinka’s like, “We did what we could.” But the market? Tough as nails. Not many teams looking to sell, which means not many marquee players were moving. In a market flooded with buyers, prices skyrocket. Sometimes, standing pat is the smart play.

Oh, and LeBron? Yeah, Pelinka and the King had a heart-to-heart before the deadline. LeBron’s all in, ready to lead the pack, no matter who’s on the roster.

But after a tough loss to Denver, LeBron’s scratching his head. Can the Lakers really gun for the title if they’re all healthy? “I don’t know,” he says. With Jarred Vanderbilt, Cam Reddish, and Gabe Vincent sidelined, it’s a big question mark.

And to add insult to injury, D’Angelo Russell’s out with a sore knee, and Max Christie twisted his ankle during Thursday’s game. Anthony Davis is just hoping for a break. “First, we gotta get healthy,” he says. It’s like they’re playing whack-a-mole with injuries.

So, there you have it. A rollercoaster of a trade deadline for the Lakers, with more twists and turns than a Hollywood thriller. Only time will tell if standing still was the right move.

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