Lakers Coach JJ Redick Faces Backlash for Controversial Comments

JJ Redick, known for his three-point shooting, made headlines during his first news conference as head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers.

He surprised everyone by using some strong language on live TV.

Michael Kay had something to say about it: “What exactly has happened to the coarsening of our society where a guy who went to Duke, a bright guy, just drops an f-bomb on live TV?”

Redick was asked what misconceptions he wanted to clear up. He responded with a lot of passion and some choice words. To paraphrase, he said he didn’t care about misconceptions; winning games was all that mattered. Jaylen Brown also cursed while accepting the Finals MVP trophy, which is more understandable given the emotional moment.

Reactions from Others:

Former coach George Karl wasn’t pleased either. “We’re in a new era of coaching press conferences when we’re dropping F-bombs at them,” he tweeted.

Maybe Redick was trying to bring his podcast style into his new role or show he’s serious. Some fans might think it’s just him being authentic and passionate.

Oddly enough, this approach contrasts with LeBron James’ favorite exclamations like “Sheesh!” and “My goodness!” when he’s excited or impressed.

Cursing at press conferences isn’t usually a big deal but can come off as rude and disrespectful. It seems Redick wanted to divert attention from his lack of experience and focus it on his bold language instead.

What do you think? Was it a smart move or too much?

James Shotwell
James Shotwell
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