Lakers’ Anthony Davis downplays injury after low-scoring game vs. Kings

– Anthony Davis experienced tightness in his left hip during a game
– Davis has been managing the hip injury for more than a week
– Davis believes he will be ready for Friday’s game at Portland


The Los Angeles Lakers center, Anthony Davis, experienced tightness in his left hip during the first half of Wednesday night’s game, but is not using his injury as an excuse for his poor performance. Davis stated, “I just played bad…I’m not going to put it on anything… It was just missed shots. I just played like s—t tonight. It’s that simple.” He has been managing the hip injury for over a week, appearing to be limited in his movement. Davis assured reporters that he would be back in the lineup for the Lakers’ next game at Portland on Friday for an NBA In-Season Tournament matchup, despite still suffering from hip discomfort.

Per a few NBA betting sites, the Los Angeles Lakers hold sixth-shortest odds to win this season’s 2024 championship. Sportsbooks show L.A. with the fourth-best odds to win the NBA In-Season Tournament. When healthy, Davis is a key asset to the Lakers, scoring a season-high 30 points in three games earlier in the season. He believes he can play through his hip injury, stating, “I suit up, I will play. I got to be more effective.”

Davis has dealt with several injuries throughout his 12-year career, including ankle, groin, knee, back, and shoulder injuries. But he feels that his hip injury is one he can endure in back-to-back games. According to ESPN’s Basketball Power Index, L.A. has a 68.9% chance of defeating the Trail Blazers. Davis stated, “I’ll be fine…Yeah, I’ll play. For sure.”

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