Kyle Kuzma predicts Jordan Poole’s emergence as a talented playmaker in Washington

‣ Jordan Poole recently tied Michael Jordan’s preseason-scoring record with the franchise after his recent 41-point performance.
‣ Kyle Kuzma believes that Poole’s next progression is to make others better and become a special playmaker.
‣ Poole is convinced that the Wizards will improve throughout the 2023/24 campaign despite the team’s transition after key players left.


Jordan Poole is quickly establishing himself as a standout player in Washington, as he recently tied Michael Jordan’s preseason-scoring record for the franchise with his impressive 41-point performance. However, teammate Kyle Kuzma believes that Poole still has room for improvement and sees his next progression as making others better. Kuzma praises Poole’s scoring ability but emphasizes the importance of his ability to distribute the ball and elevate his teammates’ performance.

During his time with the Golden State Warriors, Poole had a different role playing alongside star players. Now, in Washington, he has the opportunity to lead the team and take on a larger offensive role. Kuzma believes that this transition can help Poole develop into a special playmaker. When Poole has the ball, defenders will be focused on his scoring threat, creating opportunities for his teammates to get open and contribute.

While Poole’s scoring ability is impressive, his teammates are equally impressed with his intangibles and leadership qualities. Veteran Taj Gibson speaks highly of Poole’s energy and joy for the game, noting that he is already making his presence felt in huddles and team meetings. This bodes well for Poole’s ability to step into a leadership role within the team and fill the void left by departed stars like Bradley Beal and Kristaps Porzingis.

Despite the challenges that the team may face during the season, Poole remains committed to the growth and improvement of the Wizards. He acknowledges that the transition won’t be easy, but believes that the team will get better over the course of the campaign. He understands that it’s during the toughest and most challenging days that the team can truly grow and improve.

With their season opener against the Indiana Pacers approaching, the Wizards have high hopes for their young star, Jordan Poole. They recognize his scoring prowess and the potential for him to become a playmaker that elevates the performance of his teammates. As Poole embraces his new role and the team faces the challenges of the season, the Wizards are excited to see how their young leader will continue to develop and make his mark on the franchise.

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