Klay Thompson’s Father Disappointed by Mavericks Choice Over Lakers

Former NBA star Mychal Thompson has always wanted his son Klay to be a Lakers fan since he played for the Los Angeles team himself.

Missed Opportunity

Despite Mychal’s efforts, the Warriors got to Klay first. When Golden State didn’t re-sign him and he became a free agent, it seemed like the perfect time for Klay to join the Lakers. But instead, he chose Dallas. “I’m not feeling too much in a congratulatory mood right now,” Mychal said on SiriusXM NBA Radio.

Klay signed a three-year, $50 million contract with the Mavericks even though the Lakers were very interested. Maybe Dallas is his best shot at another title since they made it to the NBA Finals last season.

“I’m not feeling too much in a congratulatory mood.”

Mychal Thompson had hopes that his son, Klay Thompson, would join the Lakers.
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— SiriusXM NBA Radio (@SiriusXMNBA) July 2, 2024

Father’s Disappointment

“It’s Klay’s decision; it’s his life,” Mychal shared on the radio show. “He’s 34 years old and can make his own choices.” Despite understanding this, Mychal couldn’t hide how sad he felt. “I’m really disappointed,” he admitted. “I was hoping he’d be a Laker.”

We think fans feel for him because it’s tough seeing dreams not come true.

Mychal was part of an iconic era for the Lakers from 1987 to 1991 and won two NBA titles with them. He tried hard to convince Klay about joining such a storied franchise that had been good to their family.

A Lifelong Dream

“Klay grew up idolizing Kobe Bryant and being a Laker fan,” Mychal recalled. They always talked about him playing for LA if he ever left Golden State.

Even though Klay helped Golden State win four championships over 13 seasons, there was always talk of him possibly playing for the Lakers someday.

“We always talked about him playing for the Lakers,” Mychal reminisced fondly about how much his son admired Kobe Bryant and dreamed of wearing purple and gold one day.

Changing Roles

This past season saw Klay’s role change significantly at Golden State; often benched, he averaged just 17.9 points—the lowest since 2012-13—which made it seem like an ideal time to follow through on those childhood dreams of joining LA.

“But when given that chance,” sighed Mychal with resignation yet acceptance in his voice as any loving father would have done under similar circumstances while supporting their child unconditionally despite personal preferences or disappointments along life’s unpredictable paths… “he chose Mavericks instead.”

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