Klay Thompson Suggests Low Morale in Golden State Citing Deflating Mood

‣ The Warriors experienced a significant defeat to the Pelicans, marking their second consecutive loss and resulting in boos from the home crowd at the Chase Center.
‣ The team currently stands 12th in the Western Conference with a 17-20 record, hinting at a disheartening atmosphere in the Bay Area camp.
‣ The team’s star player, Stephen Curry, admitted to understanding the crowd’s displeasure and even shared that he was booing himself in his mind during the game.



The Warriors just had a rough one. They suffered their most significant defeat of the season so far, falling 141 to 105 to the Pelicans on Wednesday night. It was a real blow.

Earlier in the week, they’d already lost to the Toronto Raptors, and that too by a hefty margin. Now, they were hearing boos from their own fans at the Chase Center. It was their second straight failure, and the crowd wasn’t happy.

The Chase Center, once their almost invincible fortress, has lost its magic this season. The recent seven-game homestand ended in disappointment, with a 2-5 record. The only victories came against “easy” targets like the Detroit Pistons.

The Warriors are currently 12th in the Western Conference, sporting a 17-20 record. The vibe in the Bay Area camp is disheartening, to say the least. “Pretty deflating mood, but that’s expected when you get blown out twice in a row at home,” Klay Thompson admitted postgame.

Thompson was asked about the fans booing the team at home games. His response? “I don’t care. You supposed to lose sleep over it?” It’s clear the team is feeling the pressure.

“We have to be better I think defensively,” Thompson added. “They shot really high percentages from the field and three. That’s not our identity—just relenting on defense, that is. I think when we go to Chicago on Friday we really just gotta establish that again, just being gritty on the defensive end.”

Kevin Looney, Thompson’s longtime teammate, shared the same sentiments. “We’re kinda down on ourselves, we’re upset,” he said. “We wanna play better, especially after last game, you don’t wanna come out and have another stinker like tonight. It was rough. We’ll go watch film, think about this one and try to get better moving forward.”

Coach Steve Kerr didn’t mince words either. He revealed the poor team spirit surrounding the Warriors after their last two blowout losses. “I think we’re just lacking confidence right now. You just sort of get to a stage sometimes where you just kinda lose your belief, and it happens,” he expressed. “That’s what’s happening right now with our team the last few days. I think we’ve just lost the spirit, the confidence that has to carry you against talented teams night in and night out.”

Steph Curry, the team’s star, didn’t seem bothered by the crowd’s booing. He confessed he was even booing himself in his mind during the game. “I don’t even know what to say about it because you don’t want to be prisoners of the moment,” he said about Wednesday’s angry crowd at Chase Center. “We’re obviously struggling and there’s nothing to really cheer about so, the opposite of cheering is booing. You might as well.”

As the Warriors prepare for a four-game road trip that starts in Chicago on Friday, the veteran guard accepts the situation and wants to move on. However, others like analyst Kendrick Perkins are far more drastic. Perkins, a former Celtics player, believes it’s time for big changes in the Warriors camp. He thinks the four-time championship core is finally coming to an end. “The Warriors are cooked and I’m done with the conversations on how can the Warriors save their season! THEY CAN’T and time to break the band up. Don’t mind me and Carry the hell on…” Perkins posted on X after the match.

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