Klay Thompson Shares Steve Kerr’s Role in His Performance Recovery

‣ Klay Thompson, shooting guard for the Golden State Warriors, has seen an improvement in his performance following a mindset-changing conversation with his coach, Steve Kerr.
‣ Despite struggling this season, Thompson has been focusing on enjoying the last chapter of his career, mentoring young players, and appreciating his time with the Warriors.
‣ Thompson’s contract situation, which is currently in its final year, has reportedly been affecting his spirit this season. Despite this, he maintains a positive outlook and is grateful for his career.


Klay Thompson’s struggle this season is no secret. Playing his 11th campaign with Golden State, he’s had a rough time, but recent games show improvement. His coach, Steve Kerr, has been instrumental in helping him regain his elite mentality and prove himself on the NBA courts.

The Warriors managed to beat the Orlando Magic on Tuesday night. After the game, 33-year-old Thompson revealed a game-changing conversation he had with his coach.

This chat, Klay admitted, was key to his winning performance against Orlando. “That helped me relax a lot,” he said. “Sometimes I forget just how successful and how lucky I’ve been to be part of a championship team, All-Star games, gold medals.”

Klay’s conversation with Kerr was about more than just basketball. It was about improving his negative energy, being a better mentor, and enjoying the last chapter of his career. “You want to get back to that level so badly you can kind of get in your own way,” he explained.

Klay’s average this season has been a mere 16.7 points per match. He’s been shooting 42% from field goal attempts and 37.7% from beyond the three-point line. For Thompson, one of the league’s best all-time shooters, these are low standards.

The player admitted on Tuesday night, “He helped me realize if I do have negative energy how that affects the team in a poor manner.” The conversation helped him change his mindset and focus on enjoying his time in the Warriors uniform.

Thompson’s contract situation has reportedly been affecting his spirit this season. Kendra Andrews of ESPN suggests that the guard’s contract negotiations with the Warriors are weighing on him. Despite this, the four-time champion feels thankful.

“I think it’s possible, and if not, life is still great,” he said. “I’m playing basketball in my 13th year in the NBA, so I have no complaints, whatever the future has in store. I’ve done so many great things in this uniform. I know there’s many more memories to create, so whatever happens, life is great.”

Insider Shams Charania reported that Golden State offered Klay a contract extension this offseason. However, Klay declined it, even though he’s in the final year of his contract in San Francisco. “I’m told that the Warriors offered a deal, 2 years in the range of $48 million in an extension to Klay Thompson before the season, and now there’s no deal,” Shams stated.

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