Klay Thompson: Mavericks’ Key to Championship Victory

During Klay Thompson’s first press conference with the Mavericks on Tuesday, he shared a story about telling Luka Doncic he was destined for greatness after the Warriors defeated his team in the Western Conference Finals two years ago.

Admiration for Luka Doncic

Klay expressed his admiration for Luka. “He was real gracious in defeat,” Klay said. “I just appreciate someone who is not afraid of the moment and competes till the end. Luka fits that bill. I think we’ll be able to bring the best out of each other.”

Reflecting on Past Struggles

Despite winning four NBA titles with Golden State, last season was tough for Klay. One of his worst moments was going 0-for-10 against the Kings in the Play-In Tournament.

Choosing Dallas

Given another chance, Klay had many teams interested but chose Dallas after watching them compete in the NBA Finals. “I saw, ‘Man, I could really help this team,’” Klay said. “Not big adjustments, just little ones from getting over the top.”

Fans are thrilled about this new chapter.

Teammates’ Excitement

Grimes was excited when he heard about Klay joining. “I told everybody, ‘I’m about to get a ring,’” Grimes said. “One of the best shooters ever is here; I’m going to learn from him every day.”

Klay’s Goals

Klay hopes to improve after having his lowest scoring average in over a decade last season—17.9 points per game and 38.7% shooting from deep.

A Fresh Start

Last season took a toll on him as he came off the bench 14 times since his rookie year, affecting his motivation and love for basketball.

“There were times last year it wasn’t as joyful,” Klay admitted. “It’s nice to shed that and have a fresh start with new guys and a new city.”

Mavericks’ Perspective

Assistant GM Michael Finley explained why signing Klay was an easy choice: “Everyone wants to be part of a winner,” Finley said.

Thompson knows how to win games: “At this point in my career, still can’t leave me open,” he said confidently. “I can guard, and I’m just excited.”

James Shotwell
James Shotwell
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