Kings Coach Mike Brown Believes Keegan Murray’s Potential is Just Beginning

‣ Keegan Murray, a sophomore year player for the Sacramento Kings, set an NBA record by scoring 11 consecutive three-pointers in a single game, contributing to a career-high 47 points.
‣ At 23, Murray became the youngest player to make 12 shots from beyond the arc in a single match.
‣ Despite trade rumors, Murray is considered a foundational piece of the Kings’ future and is not expected to be traded off any time soon.


Keegan Murray’s just started his sophomore year, and he’s already making waves. This weekend, he scored a career-high 47 points in the Kings’ 125-104 win against the Jazz. Even more impressive? The Sacramento forward sunk 11 consecutive three-pointers, setting an NBA record for the longest shooting streak beyond the arc in a single game.

At 23, Murray’s also the youngest player to ever make 12 shots from deep in one game. His coach, Mike Brown, thinks this is just the beginning. He sees Murray spreading his wings and soaring through NBA hoops, just like he did this Friday against Utah.

Mike Brown had nothing but praise for Murray’s performance. “I thought Keegan was playing the right way,” he said. “There was nothing really forced. Our guys didn’t really force anything to him. They just hit him when he was open.”

Keegan Murray’s 3s last night were a sight to behold. Brown believes Murray’s just scratching the surface of his potential. He’s been asked to do something new at the highest level, and with his work ethic, determination, and skill set, he’s got the potential to be a high-level player in many areas.

Murray himself felt like he was back in his final year at Iowa State. That’s where he dominated college basketball and became the 2022’s fourth overall pick in the draft. “It kind of reminded me of my last year in college,” he said. “I’d get hot and I would just blackout for a little bit, and so everything would just go in. That’s kind of what happened in the third quarter.”

The Kings are now heading back to Sacramento. They’re hosting the Washington Wizards on Monday night and currently stand fifth (15-9) in the Western Conference.

Murray’s historic performance against Utah silenced trade rumors. Before his standout game, rumors swirled that the sophomore might be traded if Toronto decided to open negotiations for stars like O.G. Anunoby or Pascal Siakam.

But after the game, The Sacramento Bee’s Jason Anderson reported that Murray is considered a key part of the franchise’s future. Trading him off isn’t on the table. Murray himself isn’t bothered by records or rumors. “They’re cool and all, we got the team win which was the biggest thing,” he said. “They just kept feeding me the ball because I had the hot hand, so kudos to my teammates, they were big in everything I did tonight.”

Murray ended his career night shooting 16 for 23 from the field and 12 of 15 from deep. He’s proud to start making his mark in the Kings’ history books. “I mean it’s big, there’s a lot of great players who have played and put on this Sacramento uniform. So just being able to just put my name with those is a great feeling,” he shared. He knows it’s special now, but he also knows he’ll appreciate it even more later on.

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