Kevin Durant Says NBA Fans View Players as Circus Acts, Not Real People

– ‣ Kevin Durant, Phoenix Suns star, encountered a disrespectful comment from a fan but chose not to have them ejected from the game, emphasizing understanding and the impact of alcohol on behavior.
– ‣ Durant highlighted the issue of fans not seeing athletes as real people, but rather as entertainers or “circus acts,” and expressed a desire for more respectful ways of gaining his attention.
– ‣ Despite the disrespectful encounter, Durant showed compassion by allowing the fans to stay, hoping to give them something to reflect on about how they treat others, even public figures.


Kevin Durant, the Phoenix Suns star, was just heading out to the court. It was Thursday at the American Airlines Center. An early pregame shootaround was on the schedule. They were gearing up for a post-All-Star break clash with the Dallas Mavericks.

As he walked, Durant caught a female fan’s harsh words. She called him a “b—ch.” Nearby, a male fan was also part of the exchange. Durant had something to say about it.

“My thing was like,” Durant began. He noted how people often hurl insults like “coward” and “b—ch” at him, especially when his back is turned. It’s a common occurrence, yet it felt different this time. Not many people were around.

A tweet surfaced, capturing the moment. “Mavs fan calls Kevin Durant “a b*tch” and KD pauses to have words.” Security was ready to escort the fans out. But Durant intervened, asking them not to.

Durant explained his stance. “I know you don’t mean that,” he said. He understood the fans had paid for their tickets. Maybe they’d had a few drinks. He got it. People get carried away. But there are better ways to grab his attention, he pointed out, than hurling insults.

Despite the confrontation, Durant returned to his pregame routine. But he kept an eye on the situation. When he saw security moving to eject the fans, he stepped in again.

The game went on. The Suns faced a defeat against Dallas, 123-113. The crowd was packed, all 20,377 seats filled. Durant himself scored 23 points, though his shooting wasn’t at its best.

Durant’s decision to let the fans stay was notable. He didn’t want to eject them. Instead, he saw it as a teachable moment.

“There’s better ways to get my attention,” Durant remarked. He was open to interaction, to genuine conversations. No need for insults or disrespect.

Durant reflected on a deeper issue. Fans often don’t see athletes as real people. They’re viewed more as entertainers or “circus acts.” This incident was a reminder of that harsh reality.

The female fan did apologize later, trying to smooth things over. Her friend mentioned she was going through “a lot.” To Durant, it felt like being viewed as an animal in a zoo.

“I get it,” Durant said. He understood the curiosity, the desire to connect. But respect and humanity should not be forgotten. He could’ve had them removed. But he chose understanding over retribution.

“Nah, don’t put that on me,” he concluded. They hadn’t physically harmed him. Let them stay, he decided. It was a moment for reflection, for growth. Perhaps next time, they’d think twice before speaking.

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