Kevin Durant Prefers No Tribute Video for Brooklyn Return: Questions His Deservingness

– ‣ Kevin Durant, ahead of his return game in Brooklyn against the Nets, expressed his wish not to receive a tribute video, emphasizing that he doesn’t deserve extra attention for his time with the team, which he feels was not long or impactful enough to warrant such recognition.
– ‣ Former teammate Kyrie Irving reflected on the missed opportunity to win championships with Durant and James Harden in Brooklyn, describing their time together as a “what if” scenario and likening it to “the girl that got away,” highlighting regrets over their unfulfilled potential.
– ‣ Carmelo Anthony praised Kevin Durant as potentially the greatest scorer in NBA history, suggesting his scoring ability and impact on the game make him a candidate for the GOAT (Greatest of All Time) conversation, despite Durant believing his move to the Warriors has kept him out of that debate.


Tonight’s the night. The Suns are gearing up to face the Nets, and oh boy, it’s gonna be one for the books. Why? Because Kevin Durant is stepping onto the Brooklyn court for the first time since he waved goodbye last year. Despite his brief stint and the lack of trophies to show for it, let’s not kid ourselves – KD is basketball royalty.

Now, get this. Durant dropped a comment on X, basically saying “no thanks” to any flashy tribute videos. “Please don’t, the night will be better without it,” he posted. Classic KD, always wanting the focus to be on the game, not the drama.

But wait, there’s more. Durant elaborated to the press, “What did I do to deserve that? Seriously, or is it because of my name? I’m just another player, man. I don’t deserve none of this extra attention, everybody looking at me when the game starts.” Humble or just real? You decide.

KD’s stance? It’s simple. “The game is about all the players on the court. It ain’t about me,” he insists. He believes his Brooklyn chapter was too short and sweet to warrant any special recognition. “I was there for three years, four years and we didn’t accomplish anything worth being celebrated for. That’s just how I feel… I didn’t feel like I stayed there long enough. I didn’t put in enough work. I didn’t leave a lasting impact.”

Meanwhile, Kyrie Irving’s been in his feels about the Brooklyn days with Durant and James Harden. Describing it as “the girl that got away,” Irving’s got a case of the what-ifs. Despite the ups and downs, including the whole vaccine saga, he thinks they did alright. But yeah, it stings like a missed shot at love.

Irving’s not shy about it. “It’ll hurt you for the rest of your life. Looking back, you got a great bad wife, kids, and all that and you’re like, ‘Tss.’ I don’t second guess it, I don’t wanna get in trouble with my wife. ‘I’m not thinking about nobody else, baby.’ But it feels like FOMO, like you missed out on something,” he shared. Ouch, talk about bittersweet.

And now, for a twist. Carmelo Anthony’s stirring the GOAT pot, singing Durant’s praises. On the “7PM in Brooklyn” show, he was all about KD’s unmatched scoring skills. “…absolutely! I hate the GOAT talk…he will go down as arguably the most purest scorer that this league has ever seen. He’s a five level scorer. There’s nowhere he can’t score on the court. He’s a champion…He’s seven feet. He changed the game,” Anthony gushed.

But here’s the kicker. Durant thinks there’s one big reason he’s not in the GOAT convo more often. “Because I went to the Warriors,” he guessed. Ah, the plot thickens. Is his legacy even bigger than we think? Only time will tell, but one thing’s for sure – KD’s story is far from over.

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