Kawhi Leonard Embraces Injuries in NBA Career

Kawhi Leonard has faced many injuries throughout his career, and fans have often criticized him for it.

Recent Injury Concerns:

The Clippers star was worried about missing out on Team USA after a knee injury ended his season early against the Mavericks. But he said his knee got better over the last few weeks, and he’s committed to playing.

“Yeah. But I took the time, and I was able to turn around over the last two weeks,” Kawhi shared during Sunday’s practice. “So, I’m out here now and, yeah, I’m having a good time.”

Struggles with Injuries:

Before getting hurt in April, Kawhi wasn’t playing at his best as the team lost Games 2 and 3. This is the third year in a row that he couldn’t finish the playoffs due to health issues. He even missed all of 2021-22 because of an ACL tear.

Leonard knows bad luck has impacted his career and admits it’s been tough for him and the Clippers to meet their goals. But he understands he can only work harder.

“This is just my journey,” he reflected yesterday. “Last year, I tried to play as much as possible, felt great. And at a certain period of time I couldn’t go.”

Fans feel sad seeing such talent hindered by injuries.

“I tried my best but it’s just my journey,” Kawhi continued. “I don’t want these situations but have to accept them. Many people watch me—supporters or doubters—but I inspire many.”

Paul George’s Departure:

Five years ago, Paul George joined Kawhi in Los Angeles but now has moved on to Philadelphia this summer. During Team USA camp, when asked about George leaving, Leonard chose not to comment.

He later clarified there are no hard feelings towards George joining the 76ers but wants focus on the Olympics instead. About his knee: “Everything’s been going good” during practice so far.

Team USA Participation:

At 33 years old, Leonard mentioned that Clippers management wasn’t worried about him joining Team USA after missing part of last season due to injury.“Not really,” he said about their concern level.“They were positive about it.”

Now he’s focused on staying healthy moving forward.“I got to keep doing what I’m doing,” Kawhi explained.”I might be most known for injuries right now but others have worse luck than me.”

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