Julius Randle Out 2-3 Weeks with Dislocated Shoulder, to Miss All-Star Game

– ‣ Julius Randle, despite being selected for his third All-Star appearance, will miss the celebrations due to a dislocated shoulder, with a reevaluation scheduled in two to three weeks.
– ‣ Jalen Brunson will make his All-Star debut, having been selected as a reserve after narrowly missing out as a starter to Damian Lillard.
– ‣ The Knicks’ coach, Tom Thibodeau, was named the East’s Coach of the Month for January, following the team’s exceptional performance, marking the franchise’s best month in three decades with a 41-2 record.


Oh boy, Julius Randle’s in a bit of a pickle, isn’t he? Despite being hailed as an All-Star for the third time, the guy’s gotta sit out the festivities in Indianapolis. The Knicks dropped the news this Thursday, saying their forward’s shoulder decided to part ways with its usual spot last Saturday night. That win over the Heat? Yeah, it came with a price.

Before the game against the Pacers at the Garden, Coach Tom Thibodeau spilled the beans. “He’s on the mend,” he said, keeping spirits high. “Let’s see how this all plays out.” Seems like optimism is the name of the game here.

The mishap happened when Randle and Miami rookie Jaime Jaquez Jr. got a little too close for comfort. Randle’s 29, by the way, and they’re looking to give him another check-up either right as the All-Star break kicks off or when the regular schedule resumes in Philly.

And then there’s this tweet, right? “JULIUS RANDLE IS AN ALL-STAR FOR THE THIRD TIME! ” Knicks fans must be feeling a mix of pride and disappointment.

Thibodeau’s kinda in the dark about the whole medical situation. But he knows Randle’s started rehab and he kinda feels bad for the physical therapists. Randle’s a hard worker, after all. “Day by day,” Thibodeau says, hoping for the best.

Despite Randle’s stellar performance this season, it’s Jalen Brunson who’ll be soaking up the All-Star limelight instead. He almost started, too, just barely losing out to Damian Lillard. Now, it’s on NBA commissioner Adam Silver to find Randle’s replacement.

Thibodeau’s hopeful for Randle but knows it’s all about the team’s success. “It’s one of the worst feelings,” he admits, knowing many deserving players miss out due to the team’s performance. But he believes their wins speak volumes about their impact.

Before we dive deeper, did you hear? Thibodeau snagged the East’s Coach of the Month for January. Not too shabby, right?

The Knicks were a bit short-handed against the Pacers, missing Quentin Grimes and OG Anunoby. Grimes is battling elbow issues, and Anunoby’s knee decided to join the injury party. Thibodeau says they’re taking it day by day.

Guess what? The Knicks are on fire, having their best month in three decades. They’re just behind the Bucks, aiming for that sweet second spot in the Eastern Conference.

Thibodeau’s all about the team. “All this individual accolade stuff? It’s all thanks to everyone pulling together,” he says. It’s about the organization, the players, and, of course, winning together.

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