Jrue Holiday admits to wanting a warning before trade to Boston

– Jrue Holiday didn’t hold a grudge against the Bucks for trading him, but wished he had received a warning before the deal
– He feels he is in the best position to compete for a championship with the Boston Celtics
– Jrue’s wife, Lauren Holiday, expressed her disappointment in the way the trade was handled and hopes for better treatment of players in the future


Wednesday’s matchup between the Celtics and Bucks was highly anticipated leading up to the game, with Jrue Holiday at the center of the media’s attention. Holiday shared his thoughts on the trade that sent him from Milwaukee to Boston, mentioning that he would’ve appreciated a heads-up before the deal went through. Despite this, Holiday expressed that he is in a good place to compete with the top team in the league, and against the Bucks for the top team in the East.

Following the trade that ultimately landed Holiday in Boston, he highlighted the significance of the upcoming game against the Bucks, acknowledging that it was a big game due to both teams’ caliber of players. Holiday emphasized that it was not about him playing against the Bucks, but rather the two teams facing off against each other. With the Celtics holding the best record in the league, Holiday noted that he is in a good position business-wise to compete for a championship.

Lauren Holiday, Jrue’s wife, has also been vocal about their trade to Boston, expressing dissatisfaction with how NBA clubs handle these situations. She explained that each time they’ve been traded, they have felt something different, but this time the trade crushed her. Sharing her perspective on the situation, Lauren stressed the personal impact behind business transactions, shedding light on the human aspect of these decisions and emphasizing that it’s never “just business.” Additionally, she touched on their personal connections with Milwaukee, calling it home and expressing that there is no business to the personal connections they made during their time there.

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