Josh Jackson Denies Rape and Battery Accusation in New York

– Former Phoenix Suns forward Josh Jackson is accused of raping a woman at a hotel and sending two women to break into her apartment to threaten her.
– The accuser is seeking damages from the two women and claims that the robbery was set up by Jackson.
– Jackson denies the allegations and his lawyer argues that the accuser has questionable motives.


Former Phoenix Suns forward Josh Jackson has been accused of raping a woman and orchestrating a robbery in her apartment, according to a federal lawsuit filed in New York. The woman alleges that Jackson sexually assaulted her in February 2022 after they met at a Super Bowl party. She claims that Jackson then sent two women to break into her apartment and intimidate her. The woman, who is identified as Jane Doe in court records, filed the lawsuit seeking damages from the women involved in the robbery.

Attorney John Lauro, who is representing Jackson, denies the allegations and calls them “entirely false.” Lauro argued against the woman’s request to remain anonymous, stating that his client is a target for extortionate threats and public humiliation. He also questioned the accuser’s motives, claiming that she maintains a provocative social media presence and seeks relationships with professional athletes.

The judge ruled in favor of the woman, allowing her to use a pseudonym in court proceedings. Her lawyer, Seamus Barrett, emphasized that the case is not about money but about holding the defendants accountable for their actions. Barrett believes that revealing the woman’s identity would create a chilling effect on rape victims.

The allegations against Jackson are serious, and the case will continue to unfold in the Southern District of New York. Both sides present their arguments, with the accuser seeking justice for the alleged assault and robbery, and Jackson maintaining his innocence and questioning the accuser’s credibility. As the case progresses, more details may be revealed, shedding light on the truth behind these disturbing allegations.

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