Jonathan Isaac launches signature shoes with Bible verses inscribed on them.

– Jonathan Isaac became a controversial voice in the NBA after standing during the national anthem and has dedicated his life to his spirituality
– He launched a clothing line called UNITUS and recently released the first-ever signature shoe with Bible verses inscribed on them
– Isaac’s success comes from not caring about others’ opinions and following his values with integrity


Jonathan Isaac, the Orlando Magic power forward, is not only known for his basketball skills but also for his controversial statements and dedication to his faith. His decision to stand during the national anthem before an NBA match in the 2020 bubble sparked intense backlash but also empowered him to continue speaking out about his beliefs. This dedication to his faith has only grown during the two seasons he missed due to a knee injury, which led him to create the UNITUS clothing line and launch his new signature shoe line, “JUDAH 1”.

The “JUDAH 1” is the first-ever signature shoe from an athlete to include Bible verses, with each colorway featuring a different verse inscribed on the heel. According to Isaac, he wanted to create something that could be a voice and a beacon of light and hope for lovers of God and the country. In addition to his off-court ventures, Isaac remains focused on his basketball career, recently coming off the bench in a win against the Chicago Bulls and making significant contributions.

In a recent interview, Isaac emphasized how faith has played a crucial role in his ability to withstand intense backlash and public scrutiny. He explained, “I truly feel that God has not left me. I’m still kicking, still moving.” Despite facing controversy and differing religious and political views from his teammates, Isaac feels safe and respected in the Magic locker room. He expressed that he’s trying to be true to who he is and has asked the same from everyone he’s around.

Jonathan Isaac’s dedication to his faith, his ability to withstand scrutiny, and his commitment to creating alternatives that align with his personal values make him an influential figure both on and off the court. His resilience and unwavering commitment to his beliefs continue to shape his journey as a professional athlete and entrepreneur.

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